The Bubble and Coda Africa at Youngblood, Bree 23 April


When you go out as much as we do, things tend to get a little bit boring, which why the latest event featuring The Bubble and Coda Africa could be the breath of fresh air that you need. Electric cellist Carol Thorns will be performing in something called The Bubble. The Bubble is an original staging concept that creates a magical visual and musical performance. It is is a collaborative effort between two music agencies and a professional architect. Internationally acclaimed harpist, Shelley Frost of The Fridge Dubai, devised this original idea. The concept was further researched & developed by architect Alastair Thorns, resulting in a clear, glass-like luminescent sphere which bathes the performer in light.

Fronted by powerful vocalist Zami Mdingi, CODA Africa combines electric strings (violin and cello by Galina Juritz and Carol Thorns) with saxophone (Judy Brown) and DJ (DJ LuvChild). Their music traverses different genres from Classically-inspired ballads to Electro-Swing, Dub Step, Reggae and Hip Hop. Countries the world over have enjoyed their dynamic and varied performances.


CODA Africa recently released their new album ‘Disclosure’ – a collection of songs based on stories divulged by members of the band.

‘We wanted to tell our secrets and share the many experiences we’ve had together in the years we’ve travelled and performed as CODA’,‘One had to be careful what you confessed to band members in the last year – there was always a strong possibility it would become a song on the new album!’

– says front singer, Zami Mdingi.

CODA Africa was nominated for 2 All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in 2014 for ‘Most Promising Artiste in Africa’, and ‘Best African-Electro Act’ alongside Goldfish and Mi Casa.


Artists: The Bubble and Coda Africa.

Venue: Youngblood Arts and Development, 70-72 Bree Street.

Date: Thursday 23 April.

Time: 19h30 for 20h00.

Tickets: R80.00


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