The Brand New Series by the Creators of The Simpsons Looks like a Game of Thrones Ripoff.


Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama is set to release another animation series Disenchantment. Earlier in May this year, global streaming giant Netflix released a series of teaser images and have now released an official teaser trailer for the upcoming show.

Groening’s Futurama dealt with the future while The Simpsons looked at the present. Disenchantment is set to focus on a world of the past called Dreamland. The series will follow the adventures of Princess Bean and her personal elf companion Elfo and demon, Luci.

The animation style strongly reflects Groening‘s signature aesthetic and will also follow a similar production format. More so, fans have also been noticing a blatant jab at the Game of Thrones franchise in the trailer, leaving the public to wonder if it could be a potential GOT ripoff in the making.

The first season will have 10 episodes and is set to air August 17 on Netflix. Watch the official teaser trailer for Disenchantment below.

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