The Boombox returns with Above & Beyond- an almost world exclusive

Some of you may remember the fuss that we caused a couple of weeks ago on Facebook when we were going on about the big dj act confirmed for the end of the year by Smirnoff. We were sworn to secracy by the powers that be until there were enough concrete details to warrant who the act was becoming public knowledge…

Apparently, it is now public knowledge, as I read earlier on the likes of SLXS (thanks for the memo Sean). So in a second place- almost as cool, bit of breaking news MyCityByNight can confirm that the utterly mind-boggling GODSKITCHEN BOOMBOX will be returning to South Africa with dance trio Above & Beyond as the main act.

The last Godskitchen with Armin van Buuren was out of this world, with some of the most mind blowing visuals I have ever seen on this massive contraption. At one point I actually thought the BoomBox was talking to me- although that may have been due to the Cal-C vita I had just consumed.

Above & Beyond are old school trance and progressive heavy-weights with consistent top 10 Mix Mag Dj appearances for the past 10 years and will ensure that this party is going to be a full rave if there ever was one… (I am MAD excited).

Do yourself a favour and go and check it out- we’ll have the full details about the event as soon as humanly possible!! 🙂

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  1. Above & Beyond! Are you serious!!!! That is going to be one hell of a party! Lets hope they use the good old Velodrome!

  2. @KArel: very serious:) its going to be massive!! Velodrome would be sick, we need a HUGE venue for this rave!

    @Charl: It is, it is… I love the Boombox so much and cant wait to check it out again, as well as above and beyond!!!

    AVB was a total mess, fucking loved every second of it!

    1. Guys I am just as excited about the event!!! The person who's handling all of the media enquiries is on leave at the mo- so we're just waiting for her to get back from her holiday to give us all the deets 🙂

      I'm going to be cutting boxes in the air- uns uns uns… rave rave rave

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