The Bikini Track Sprint

MyCityByNight love great sporting events! So when we heard about this one, we were on the phone to our travel agents quicker than a I can get onto a bottle of Smirnoff Black!

An Australian horse race arena has caused great controversy when it announced it will be hosting an annual horse race for women… Dressed only in bikinis! (Wooohooo for us!)

The strategy and or marketing guy/girl that came up with this should win a Aussie version of a Loerie! They probably thought something like “if guys come to the race track to see horses run, just imagine how many of them will come to see beautiful women dressed in skimpy bikinis do the exact same thing.”
The Bikini Track Sprint is scheduled to take place on December 4, with over 150 girls racing for the prize of 5,000 Australian dollars.

Now here is what I LOVE about Australian women… They conducted a poll about this and believe it or not, just 27% percent of voter said they find his kind of event degrading for women, while the other 73% were perfectly alright with it.

The chairman of The Gold Coast Turf Club agrees there will be a few raised eyebrows at the event, but that the club will do everything in its power to attract really competitive girls and give the audience a real race.

The Bikini Track Sprint isn’t really an original idea. The American horse track Hollywood Park, in California has been organizing similar events for quite some time, and their success probably inspired the Australian race track to come up with their very own horse race for beautiful women in bikinis.

And yes, we have some pics of that for you!

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