Take a look at some of the best footage from the Florida fireball meteor


A large fireball (a very bright meteor ) illuminated the sky in Florida on Monday night. According to reports, residents from the Bahamas to Jacksonville witnessed the spectacle, which took place around 10:18 p.m EST.

The American Meteor Society, which documents and calculates the path of meteors, believes the fireball travelled south to north about midway between the Atlantic coast of Florida and the western tip of Grand Bahama Island.

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While residents in Florida did not report any loud sounds, a sonic boom was heard on Grand Bahama Island, accompanied by some shaking.

Meteors entering the Earth’s outer atmosphere slow down rapidly as they encounter friction from air drag. That friction generates enormous amounts of heat, causing the space rock to burn up and glow brightly.

Take a look at some of the best clips below and find more trending content. right here.

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