Leeu catches up with us and we chat Sounds of Suid Tronica Volume 2


In true celebratory fashion, we thought we would kick off a new series talking about music and the other side of the coin. We will be touching on labels inspired by its artists, organizations and their involvement of events, musical press releases and agencies plying their trade in SA to bring us the very best music. We start this series off with Suid Tronica’s very own: Alex Leeu and talk about the latest compilation.

TYPE: Record Label
GENRE: Ambient, Experimental, Tech
FOCUS: 2019 Compilation



1) Suid Tronica in 3 words

Alex: Story Telling, Extraordinary, Full-bodied.

2) Explain the sound of Suid Tronica

Alex: Music that really tells a story and takes the listener through this elaborate world the artist has created, with the idea to merge global influences and more foreign, new aged influences and combining with older traditional influences as well. We do not attempt to define a specific South African sound or push a local-only approach, but rather to explore some of the more experimental unearthed sounds coming from our country and neighbors around the world who are resonating with the same sentiment.

3) We would like to congratulate you on the label taking off. Can you tell us a bit more about Suid Tronica and its mission statement?

Alex: Suid Tronica emerged from a shared belief that the South African music scene, in particular, the electronic sphere has quietly been cultivating a unique, exciting new creative identity or approach to songwriting and storytelling.
We aim to cultivate a space where honest artistic expression can blossom. A place for musical exploration and self-inspection and a home for the alternative.

Alex: Our vision is to contribute to a definition of localized sounds and styles,
We strive to create an environment of inclusivity and collaboration. To create spaces where the individual pushes themselves to understand their environment and open themselves to new experiences, new sounds, and new ideas. We are not just a party or just a record label or just a group operating for our own benefit, our values go deeper than this, we aim to contribute to a greater societal culture through music, dance, art, creativity, and organization.

Alex: Our philosophy of collaboration is not limited to musical construction but underlies our systemic ideologies. We do not try to control every process and outcome because we understand the importance in allowing ideas, and sounds and situation develop organically. We hope to create a family of visionaries who claim their respective roles within Suid Tronica as they see fit, to contribute their strengths, gift their skills and above all reach deep for the love of music.

4) What can we expect in the weeks to come from Suid Tronica?

Alex: We are actually releasing another 2 Compilations in the next month, over 10 songs on each, which we are super excited about! We have been busy putting together various showcases and takeovers at some incredible venues in Jhb and Cpt. The official album launch took place at the Livingroom which featured Thor Rixon, Leeu, Ricardo Benigno, Cthulhu and more!

Alex: We also will be doing another showcase at SmallTown Beat Festival later in the year with some amazing collectives, and we will be releasing some incredible EPs in the next few months! But We don’t want to give away too much!! 

5) Any advise for new comers trying to find their sound and harness their craft?

Alex: Don’t be afraid to break the rules, be yourself, Tell your story! 


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