We chat Seekerz with Calvin from PsynOpticz


Local labels are indeed the drive this season and we have found the sweet spot with focus on pushing what the country has to offer and showcasing the power they bring to the table. PsynOpticz Records have been grinding and grafting to push out the label talent and in turn have provided us with something truly magical. A first, which highlights one of their strongholds: NYX, a label dj from SA but living in Canada.

TYPE: Record Label
GENRE: Full-Power, Psychedelic
FOCUS: 2019 Compilation



1) Talk to us a bit more about the release

Calvin: NYX brings you a beautifully selected 12 track compilation featuring major psychedelic artists from around the world alongside some talented up and coming producers from Canada. We are excited to have this as our first power compilation for 2019!

2) Explain the sound of PsynOpticz at this very moment

Calvin: Our focus has shifted to celebrate psytrance as a whole and led us to power and full-on material. The artists on the label have been a perfect example of the profile we currently looking to work towards.

3) Who can we expect to see on the release?

Calvin: Locally we have Benny (Killer B), alongside Dust with their latest collaboration as a highlight and heavy-hitters such as Nukleall, Labyr1nth and Endeavour. We don’t want to give too much away… We want to let the music speak for itself.

4) What can we expect in the weeks to come from the label?

Calvin: Releases upon releases! All we can say, is to expect a lot of new music coming your way!

5) Any advise for new comers trying to find their sound and harness their craft?

Calvin: Stay true to your sound! Never let anyone tell you how to do what you love and your hard work will pay dividends.



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