We chat Kalama Winter Festival with the peeps from Dynamic Gatherings and Subliminal Productions


Winter is definitely gonna be a belter in Jozi with a taste of the outdoors and a journey viable in any setting. Subliminal Productions and Dyanmic Gatherings team up to give the Jozi crowd a taste of what the Cape has to offer with Brontide and Satori as well as a tasty list of local heavy-hitters.

ASSOCIATION: Dynamic Gatherings & Subliminal Productions
TYPE: Event Curator
GENRE: Techno, Minimal, Psytrance
FOCUS: Event



1) Kalama Fest. What can we expect from the event to come?

Terence and Byron: Kalama Winter Fest is something new that we (Dynamic Gatherings and Subliminal Productions) bringing to the Jozi scene, a 1 day outdoor fest embracing and celebrating the winter solstice as well as youth day and fathers day. To summarize it, a really kick ass psychedelic experience with the coolest local line up and Satori and Brontide from the Mother City 

2) Tell us more about the name. What’s its origin story?

Terence and Byron: Name : Kalama Gender: Female Meaning of Kalama: “flaming torch”
Origin of Kalama: Hawaiian

3) Future events. Can we expect another this year?

Terence and Byron: From Dynamic Gatherings side Kalama is our only event on the horizon as we still very new to the game and want to share quality over quantity while we still finding our feet

4) Advise for the youth trying to finding the feet and hone their craft in the scene

Terence and Byron: If you have passion for something and do it for the right reasons half of your work is already done. This industry is difficult and if you don’t have determination you are going to struggle, but just always keep pushing!

5) Let’s end on this… Kalama Fest in three words

Terence and Byron: Warm, cozy and Funkadelic


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