Caption: (from left) Dean ‘The Verm’ Vermeulen, Aidan Tobias and Chad Bryson at Prince’s Place Prematch, February 2019. Credit: Aidan Tobias Photography


Name: Chad Lee Bryson

DJS Page:


Curation at its most optimal. The best of lifestyle guidance. We are excited every time we see anything coming our way from Chad and without further adieu, we bring you some insight into the cream of the crop… BRYSONS


1) What is Brysons?

BRYSONS is a platform that curates playlists with the DJs for our local festival and club scene. These playlists are compiled and released before the event happens and are made available to stream on the three main music services: Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud. This means that BRYSONS playlists give you a taste of what the DJs are going to play in their sets on the day/night, giving you a sense of what to expect from the vibe. 

Along with these playlists, which you can get on the BRYSONS website ( it also has an events calendar page which lists the dates, venues and links to tickets for the major upcoming festivals and club night events happening in and around the Mother City. This calendar is kept constantly up-to-date and aims to be the most relevant source letting you know which events are coming up.  

Lastly, BRYSONS also has a DJs page which is essentially a list of DJs and producers (both local and from abroad) who are relevant for the scene. Each artist gets their own page which showcases their music, events they’ve played at and booking information. If you’re a DJ or producer – whether already playing on the big stages or aspiring to make an impact on the scene – it’s free to get a page listed on BRYSONS. Simply go to the signup page and complete the form (

2) Describe the brand and yourself in 3 words.

Festival Music Anytime.

3) What is the ultimate goal of the brand?

BRYSONS started between friends making playlists for our pre-matches. As it’s grown into a more organized and more openly available platform it’s stayed true to that purpose: Good music to get you into the vibe. Being born out of the culture, it will continue to grow out of it keeping in mind that simple original idea of bringing friends together and getting them hyped for events. 

It’s still pretty early days to truly say where BRYSONS will go. There are of course lofty goals for what BRYSONS intends to become, but the point really is to let these changes happen organically and have them come out of the uses and wishes of the people from the scene itself. If anything the goal, for now, is to improve the service and continue to find ways of bringing great music to you. That means we are going to find further ways to collaborate with organizers, artists, photographers/videographers as well as get you more involved in the project – we’re keen to hear what you guys have to say (

4) What can we expect in the weeks to come?

New DJS are being added every week. The new calendar page is being constantly updated with upcoming events as they are being announced. Fresh content captured from the events is being posted on our social channels. And of course, more playlists are on their way!

BRYSONS has just rolled out the third version of its online platform – redesigned and redeveloped to make it easier and quicker to find the music. Since 80% of our users are using their phones to access BRYSONS we’ve rebuilt the site with mobile-first use in mind. The home page now has a quick view of all the festivals and events playlists we’ve done and the calendar page has moved from a blocky table grid to a smooth and clean accordion-style layout. As far as user experience is concerned there is a lot underway in order to optimize and improve the site.

5) Advice for people pursuing their dreams and ambitions?

Pursue what is meaningful with the good in mind. Align your skills and talents (whatever they be) with the aspirations of others and work hard at it.  You first need a concrete direction for what needs to be done but most importantly start it. Don’t worry too much about how you start or at what scale you kick things off, just start doing it and the rest will come organically if you pay enough attention and stay true to yourself. When you orientate yourself with this positive reinforcement of starting and working hard by doing good at something that matters to you and others there’s nothing that can really stop you for achieving what you want.


Caption: (from left) Gaby Fish and Amy Tyndall at Prince’s Place Prematch, February 2019. Credit: Aidan Tobias Photography
Caption: (from left) Dean ‘The Verm’ Vermeulen, Aidan Tobias and Chad Bryson at Prince’s Place Prematch, February 2019. Credit: Aidan Tobias Photography
Caption: Evokings (BRA) at EDEN Botanical Bliss, February 2019. Credit: Aidan Tobias Photography
Caption: Daru on Reset’s Groove Stage at Music People presents Morten Granau & Symphonix, April 2019. Credit: Marc Berman Photography



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