The Automatic Shuffle


I was privileged enough to be at the first show of their tour for the album ‘The Automatic Shuffle’, and to get some backstage time with the boys of Wonderboom. 

There are very few men that should ever try pull off a pair of skinny jeans, but when you have a voice that sounds like chocolate, with a subtle hint of cinnamon, then there’s no reason not to! Added with moves that would even test the skills of John Travolta…

All I can say is, own those bad boys Cito!

I had such an amazing time getting to know the other side of the band.

They have a wicked sense of humour, and are such an amazing bunch of guys.


Watching them choose the playlist could be closely compared to watching a kid pull candy out of a lucky packet. Crazy to think that all this planning is done about 10min before hitting the stage.

I was just totally stoked that they played so many of my favorites! One of the most epic songs – for myself – is one they chose to play last.

I’ll be closing of this piece with the story on why that song will be my all time hit from the band…

Saying,shortly before hitting the stage, that the band would have to put up with his ‘crappy voice’, was something that had me totally perplexed. This was proven when he started serenading his wife, Linda, with ‘Never Ever’. If that was his crappy voice, then low and behold the audience when he’s in full force…

If there’s one thing for sure, this boy has a voice on him with moves to match!

‘You should’ve opened for U2!’ was exclaimed from the crowd, and I honestly feel these guys should have opened for U2!I would’ve loved to know where they were on the short list?


Danny de Wet split from the band in 2009, but this didn’t bring the music to a close. Taking his place was someone with a very long and distinguished list of talent, Garth McLeod. I was being educated one step at a time.

This guy has played in bands including Sugardrive, Heroes Wear Red, Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop and even a stint in Saron Gas (now Seether).

It seems that the talent pool doesn’t stop there. I also found out that Guitarist Martin Schofield plays in Flash Republic, and is the also the frontman for Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop.

The new album has some exceptional new tracks.

You might have heard the newest song playing on the radio, strangely enough entitled, ‘On The Radio’ – it kicks some serious ass!

Cito will also be playing in the production, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and the reviews have been nothing less than raving.

I cannot wait to go and see the performance.

My night was made when they rounded off the show with my favourite track, and possibly the one reason why they will remain memorable for the rest of my life…  As you all might know, they did a cover of this famous Rabbit song. This naturally fell into my parent’s era, so my mom obviously knew the song a little better than I did. One day whilst driving in the car with my mother, I was belting out the words as if I’d written them. My mom stared over to me with a puzzled look and asked me to sing the chorus again. Needless to say, I had the words very wrong… I thus learnt that they weren’t singing ‘Driving’, but rather the words, ‘Charlie’.

If you haven’t got the album yet kiddos, Wonderboom is still rocking! Get their new CD now!

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