The audio and visual secrets of Cape Town’s popular ‘Eden Experience’ Festival

Eden Experience has become a sought after summer gathering in Cape Town and synonymous with grand and eclectic lineups that offer music enthusiasts a variety of genres ranging from downtempo to disco, deep house, tech house, techno and even progressive trance. For over five years Eden’s organisers have ingeniously tied together and curated their lineups to offer a versatile yet smooth 12-hour sonic progression.

Along with their exclusive venue and power lineups, Eden’s high-end production is the glue to it all and their audio-visual experience complements every aspect of the event, tieing in each theme and aiding in the progression of their lineup and essentially, the progression of the entire festival.

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Since it’s inception back in 2015, Eden has worked with a handful of creative minds, specialists and event technicians who’ve all collaborated feverishly to deliver unforgettable experiences time and time again. It all starts with the theme and stage design according to creative director and co-founder, Dane Stirrat.”The theme of Eden always focuses heavily on gardens – an Adam & Eve style fairytale if you will. It suits our venues and ties in with the Eden brand that we’ve portrayed since the very first event.”

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If you’re a fan of the festival, you’ll know how their vision of ‘a garden of Eden’ is carried throughout the experience – the event is 100% meat-free, gives back to charity, employs a conscious use of sound and even has a keen focus on sustainable stage design, “we try and be slightly different to standard stage designs”, says Stirrat. “We create our stages so that we can be as sustainable as possible when it comes to reusing materials and not wasting any materials we do use in the making of the set.” The Eden Experience has worked with a variety of fantastic designers who put their stage ideas onto paper and once that’s signed off, the next sensory aspect comes into play – lighting and mapping.

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Once the set design is approved, a visual brief is discussed with the mapping engineer/artist and appropriate content will get created specifically for that show. According to Dane, the lineup, set and video mapping are all curated to progress seamlessly from day into night, with their mapping designed to complement the succession of music, “the entire set is designed in mind so that it shines and stands out during the day,” he says, “but to also come alive in the evening with the use of creative video mapping and lighting, making the contrast from day-into-night visually impactful.”

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Matthew Meyer is the genius behind Eden’ mind-bending mapping and has been creating content specifically for each event since the very beginning. This February, Eden will also welcome on board Wayne Ellis from Afterlife who’ll also be working his magic on visuals.

Creative minds come together and we all ultimately strive for the best quality when it comes to visual, sound and overall aesthetic.” – Dane Stirrat, co-founder and creative director.

According to Dane, who is also a DJ, the crystal clear audio set up at each Eden Experience is 100% accredited to d&b audiotechnik. “I am a huge advocate of d&b audiotechnik for audio,” says Stirrat. Among the many reasons he supports d&b audiotechnik, Dane lists the ability to cover and control the “throw distance output and frequency spectrum” of the entire dancefloor with d&b’s line-array configuration at the top.

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“We can also eliminate all low-end frequencies travelling behind the stage and further back because the d&b subwoofers we use disperse low-end frequencies in a cardioid pattern,” he explains, “and are also engineered in a way that all low-end frequencies are cancelled out behind the boxes. As you can imagine this is wonderful for the venue and surrounding farms as we have a lot more control over the low-end frequencies travelling as this is ultimately what travels the furthest and disrupts neighbours and surrounding areas alike.”

With so much conscious effort put every single Eden Experience, it easy to why the brand has grown into one of the most sought-after and most attended festivals in Cape Town. Eden’s season closer takes place next weekend at the iconic Zevenwacht Wine Estate where all this magic will combine to bring you another original EDEN Experience – ‘A State of Happiness.’

For more information, on Eden A State of Happiness ft. Breaking Beattz/Durs/Cinimin&more,  join the Facebook event online or visit Eden’s website right here. Take note, early bird, phase 1 and phase 2 tickets are sold out. No tickets will be sold at the door. Book your ticket soon to avoid disappointment.

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