The 5th Annual Cool Inc Tattoo Expo is coming up (WIN)


In the past couple of years tattoo culture has made a bit of comeback in popular culture, with just about everyone sporting a tattoo of their own. This September, the 5th annual COOL INC TATTOO EXPO celebrates body art at the magnificent Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

On the cards for this year is:

– Suspension Shows by Pendeo

– A Tattoo Competition

– A Tattoo Competition
FRIDAY – 14:00 – 02:00 – R100
SATURDAY – 12:00 – 02:00 – R100
SUNDAY – 12:00 – 18:00 – R60
19:45 – 20:45 – YO GRAPES
20:45 – 21:45 – WE ARE CHARLIE
21:45 – 22:45 – DECEMBER STREETS
22:45 – 23:45 – DESMOND & THE TUTUS
18:45 – 19:45 – NAMING JAMES
19:45 – 20:45 – MARTIN ROCKA & THE SICK SHOP
20:45 – 21:45 – MAN AS MACHINE
21:45 – 22:45 – THE BLACK CAT BONES
22:45 – 23:45 – FOKOFPOLISIEKAR

This Event is Proudly brought to you by Departure Lounge Productions & Arcade Empire.


Date: 19 – 21 September 2014
Venue: Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria
Tickets: Friday R100 / Saturday R100 / Sunday R60 / Weekend R200
Free for children under 6
Available From: Arcade Empire;
Time: Friday 14h00 – 02h00 / Saturday 12h00 – 02h00 / Sunday 12h00 – 18h00
Facebook Event:

Competition Time:

We’re giving away a SET of Weekend Passes to the event – if you’re keen to win, leave a comment below letting us know if you’ve got a tattoo, what it’s of and where it is. The winner of the passes will be announced on Monday, 15 September at 9AM.


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  1. I have 7 tattoo’s but my favourite one is a musical quote that wraps around my foot.
    It was one of the last foot tattoo’s Marcus (Wildfire) did at Metal Machine. He did it as an exhibit at the first ever tattoo convention.

  2. First off, can I just say the whole time I was reading this piece I was singing, “I’m getting a tattoo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo!” from Desmond&the Tutus! haha!

    My tattoo is “TRIC”, the second half of the word electric. The “i” is written as a lightning bolt, and it’s on my ribs under my left arm.
    (TRIC was also the name of a bar in the TV series One Tree Hill.)
    No, I’m not a crazy fan girl who got tattoo-ed because of a TV show. The tattoo represents my religion – music. High school is a tricky phase for almost everyone, myself included. And even though I had some really tough times, I always had my music to keep me sane and inspired and at peace with the world. There is a scene in the show, which I watched while I was in high school… when they discuss this type of faith in music, how it really can be a religion for some people, how it can become the only thing that gives them faith in this world… That’s what music means to me.

    My tattoo is hardly ever visible, but every time I hit a rough patch, big or small, I hold my hand over it for just a second, grab my iPod and play my “TRIC” playlist. Those songs will save me from anything, every single time I need them to.

    So maybe I sound like a crazy person who got a tattoo from a TV show, but I know that there are people in this world who totally understand what I mean when I say, that TRIC is my constant, permanent, reminder that I’m never alone in this world so long as I have my music.

    And what better way to celebrate that, than at a Tattoo/Music Festival? 😉

  3. I’ve got a couple. My favourite is probably the tribal i have that stretched across my shoulders. I’M KIDDING. A tribal shall never touch my skin. My real favourite my newest one – a raven that covers most of my upper arm. Done by Paul Collocott at Handstyle Tattoos in Emmarentia. I would recommend him very highly…
    Am most keen for this expo and music event so I can do some shopping for my next piece 🙂

  4. Don’t have a tattoo but I figured the best place to find a sweet ass tattoo wil be at the expo! Help a brother make the right choice!!

  5. I have 2 tattoos, 3 stars on my wrist and my birthdate in Roman Numerals on the inside of my elbow… I am looking on getting 2 more in september after my birthday the 14th!

  6. I’ve got 2 Tattoo’s both are sentimental, my favourite is the one below my collar bone-its my mothers name(can’t go wrong with ya’ mama’s name)
    Its only the beginning, I still got 8 more to go(or more 😉 )

  7. Anyone who says getting a tattoo isn’t painful is lying! They may enjoy the pain but it is fucking sore!

    I have two tattoos, both done by Lee at Sins of Style.

    My favourite of the two has to be my massive Salvador Dali elephant tattooed on my ribs! Painful, but totally worth it. It is inspired by his artwork “The Temptation of St. Anthony” but with an African elephant not Indian.

    The shading and detail is crazy and i would defiantly recommend Lee to anyone looking at getting a new tattoo.

  8. Hey, no tattoos yet but I’m hoping to find enough inspiration to change that at the expo 🙂

  9. I have three tattoos, hoping to get my fourth one quiet soon. My favourite is the D.H Lawrence poem Self Pity that I got tattoed across my back (horizontal) at a time when it felt like everything was going to hell. It starts on my left rib, with a few words overlapping on my boob and travels across my back, reaching beyond my spine but never quiet making it all the way to my right rib in three neat lines. Getting that tattoo was one of my best decision.

  10. I have an ankle bracelet tattoo on my left ankle and I’d love to get a little ribbon on the fossa of my ear and a Batman tattoo on my ribs =D Would really love some tickets 😉

  11. I have four tattoos:
    Twin dragons on my back; a StarCraft inspired calf piece, a full japanese inspired sleeve and chest plate on my left; and Chet Zar’s painting Black Magick on my left ribs.
    I’m also planning on having the Chaos Star done at the convention on my right elbow, and maybe some text from BioShock.

  12. I have 3,
    A turtle with a triquetra on my right forarm, its to represent being strong and wisdom while the tri-quetra for me represents the 3 stages of life(death and rebirth), second one is a pocketwatch with the time I was born and the saying life is what you make of it on my left shoulder blade.
    And lastly I have a blue bowtie in rememberance of my favourite Doctor(tv series) with the saying “We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one”

  13. My favourite tattoo is a swallow on my foot – travel inspired. Another close favourite is a really badly done stickman on my rear end – unintentionally reminding me that life is not so serious after all!

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