The 21st Century Gentleman

Chivalry and gentlemen have all but disappeared in the modern world with guys bumping mooiness out the way to get to the bar first almost every time I’m out. I’ve always been raised to have respect for #mooiness and to always act accordingly, even if I am horrifically drunk. If you don’t see the value of being gentleman these days where most of time “bitches be crazy”– just give the following a test run and see if you get a positive response from the fairer sex.

You might not think it, but women take note of everything. I mean everything. They will remember the last time you went out with your mates and didnt call to let them know you weren’t coming home, what you were wearing on your first date and even the name of all of your ex’s. In the same way, they will take note of all the nice things you do and store it in the deep recesses of their minds, drawing upon this information when they need to make a decision on who to establish a long term relationship with (or even who gets access to their deep South for night). Sometimes this decision making process is entirely subconscious and mooiness don’t even know that they’re doing it. In that lies the payoff (not that you need one for being a gentleman of course) for all of you guys… Do these things and you WILL get more/a better quality of mooiness.

Gentleman rule 1:

Always open the door to your/the car for a women, regardless if you want to fornicate with her or not. (if not for respect then for the hope that she will tell her other hot friends how awesome you are)

Gentleman rule 2:

If your desired lady is out with her friends and they wish to partake in alcoholic consumption… The first round is on you- ALWAYS. (this musters a sense of pride in the desired mooiness and creates supportive jealousy in her friend group- also, this is similar to splitting your bet on a roulette table)

Gentleman rule 3:

Always allow a woman to walk through a small hallway/door first even if you’ve arrived at the same time. (This way you wont get into trouble for brushing up against her vagina as you try to squeeze past- it is also extremely respectful and she’ll more than likely flash you a thank you smile, which you can use as your “in” to start a conversation)

Gentleman rule 4:

Still get boozed, spend the night acting very interested and then don’t call for days. As much as you may think that this is a dick thing to do- most girls are hardwired to go for the bad boy but still want someone who they know has some manners and will be able to clean up nicely before a meeting with their moms.

I’m no Hitch but for reals… being a gentleman is for the win.

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