The 2018 Movie ‘TAG’ Is Based on These Friends Who Played the Game for 30 Years!

This month cinemas across the globe will see the release of TAG, a new comedy featuring Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Isla Fisher and Jake Johnson. The film is based on the real story of a group of friends who have been playing the children’s game “tag” for 30 years as a fun and exciting way to stay in touch.

Seen in the clip below that featured on ESPN back 2013, is the actual group of friends who, almost three decades ago began a game of tag that would go on to become an annual, month-long showdown of cat and mouse.

Their tag tournament takes place each and every February and with signed contracts, the rules are as follows – no touchbacks, full disclosure if you are”IT” and the game only lasts 1st-28th February. Where and when someone is allowed to be tagged does not matter, from car trunks to funerals, anywhere is fair game – oh and the last man tagged gets to be “IT” for an entire year.  Watch the original ESPN feature below as well as the trailer for the movie TAG being released in cinemas this month.


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