The 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Nominees Are All EPIC

big wave

All five nominees for the 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Award are featured in this mega clip. Brad Domke at Puerto Escondido, Shane Dorian at Jaws, Gabriel Villaran at Puerto Escondido, Dean Morrison at The Right and Shane Dorian at Puerto Escondido all contribute to some of the craziest surfing I’ve ever seen and are all deserving of the title of Ride of The Year.

The Billabong Ride of the Year is the top category at the 2015 WSL Big Wave Awards and features $64,500 in prize money for the winner. If you ask me – every one of these guys deserve some cash, just for the mere fact that they had enough balls to even try and ride the waves they did.

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