The 2013 Year on Twitter has been released – all the highlights, in one place

twitter-microsite-2013 summary

As we get closer to the end of the year with what seems like it’s complete and utter warp speed, we start to see more and more highlights/top ten lists like this one from Twitter popping up. The social media network of the future (if you’re not on it already, you’re really missing out) has put together a microsite, called #YearOnTwitter, which allows you to check out the highlights of the year as broadcasted by other individuals on the network during 2013.

You’re able to check out what the viral videos and trending topics for the year were as it unfolded, showing just how adept this social network is at disseminating news and opinion even when you compare it side by side to leading news services like CNN. You can search through specially formulated “highlights” timelines according to a few different verticals like news, entertainment or sport.

Check out the 2013 edition of #YearOnTwitter over here.

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