The 2 New Trailers For “IT” Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

The 2 New Trailers For "IT" Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

I really don’t like clowns, so you can pretty guarantee that I’m going to be giving the brand new IT movie a very wide berth, when it’s eventually released later this year. If you’re into clowns and getting scared pantless, the movie house has just dropped two brand new trailers for the upcoming film and it’s safe to say that it’s still absolutely bloody terrifying, now that the its been rebooted to match current times.

The two trailers are around 30 seconds long but are still pretty good at convincing me that clowns are sent straight from the devil himself and confirming that I shouldn’t go and watch the film if I’m wanting to get any sleep for the months thereafter. Check them out below:

How’s about no? That is pretty much pure nightmare fuel there…

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