Thank you, from MyCityByNight

Yesterday was our 2nd birthday here at MyCityByNight and it was a day filled with celebration, mooiness and wishes from our friends, family and followers from across the globe. It has been an unbelievable journey thus far and we literally have to pinch ourselves every single day to make sure that we’re not dreaming.

Yesterday also saw the opening of the public voting phase of the SA Blog Awards 2011- an opening that wasn’t without it’s own share of controversy. Last year, was the first time that we took part in the South African Blog Awards (albeit through someone else nominating our blog in categories that we didn’t choose). We were the new kids on the block (even though we weren’t even nominated in the best new blog category) and worked really hard to get all of you to vote for us through millions of spam emails and a rather horrific banner on the side of our site. We wanted your approval, we wanted to know that we were loved. It’s a year later and things have changed now that we’ve had the chance to establish ourselves in the South African online, entertainment and nightlife industry, as somewhere you all can go to get the most honest view of life in your city and country (provided you’re in one of the major hubs within SA). Yesterday, with all the immense amount of love that we were shown by all of you, it proved to us that we were keeping to our mantra of being the “who, what, where & when” and being relevant and fun to read and engage with.

For any of you that have interacted with us or have had the pleasure of partying/chilling with us, you’ll know that the guys who fill these pages with content every single day are pretty much the exact same guys that you see out and about. We’ve never pretended to be anything that we’re not and we’ve never and will never be “bought” by anyone hoping for positive reviews or coverage of their events. The reason why we started MyCityByNight was to talk about things that we loved doing and to share the lifestyle with as many of you, the MyCityByNight Alumni as possible… I mean what is the point if you guys can’t enjoy your city for free and in style, just like we do?!

This year the SA Blog Awards has made the process of voting easier in many respects but has also made changes to the rules that mean you can’t vote for another blog in the same category without forfeiting your previous vote (check out the full story here on our mate Life is Savage and his blog). This was a major contributing factor in our decision to abstain from this year’s SA Blog Awards (an announcement that was made yesterday from our official MCBN Twitter Account). To be brutally honest, we are so thankful for the fact that you’re even on our site to begin with- we’re not going to ask you to vote for us or jump through any other hoops to show that you enjoy reading what we have to say. We can see the stats and we get all of the mails, comments, tweets and wall posts already.

It’s never been about recognition, winning awards or making tons of cash… It’s always been about having the best time and enjoying the site for what it is… A blog, run by 3 mates (plus 1 or two others helping us out along with way in Von Lurie, Hidro & Stroob) who love talking shit about everything under the sun.

You keep doing what you do and we promise to keep delivering and improving on what we put out there for the world to see. When we are no longer relevant, MCBN will cease to exist… Until then just remember…

This is… MyCityByNight

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  1. The thanx goes to you guys!!!! No one tops your competitions and awesome posts! Here’s to another year of you guys being the beeeeest! 🙂

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