Texts from last night

You had a few too many to drink and you all of a sudden think that it’s a good idea to whip out your phone to send a witty text, Facebook post or Tweet- most of you know the situation and most of you know that often those text aren’t as witty as you thought they were. Texts From Last Night (TFLN) is a regularly updated blog that re-posts sms’s submitted by its users.

The site tends to post the texts that are either rather shocking or quite scandalous. The sms’s are sent in by people who wake up in the morning “to find regrettable messages sent to or from their mobile phones”. The copies of the messages do not show the phone numbers, but only country area codes. What makes it even better is the fact that the site has a special South African variation that you can check out over HERE. It’s mega funny and definitely NSFW.

My favourite for today has to be this little gem:

All I remember is waking up with 3 penises pointed at my face. I also remember enjoying that a lot. And then I threw up in their shower.

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  1. “She interrupted us having sex in the tent by threatening to kill us if we “got cum on the lasanga.” – hahahaha

    Day made… Thank you… Thank you.. THANK YOU!!

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