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tequila town

After getting too loose from an entire day of drinking in preparation for the rugby last Saturday, I employed some of my better judgement by avoiding the press launch of Tequila Town (even though the open bar and awesome tequila on offer was a fairly big draw card).

While I did manage to avoid being the talk of the Cape Town Press (for the wrong reasons, haha)- I did miss some of the most knowledgeable barmen/barlady/barpeople dropping the wisdom about the most premium of Tequila’s we’ve ever seen. I did however make up for this last night.

After losing our TFC (the football club) indoor soccer game we all decided to pull through to Tequila Town at 39 Buitengracht street on the corner of Castle street to watch Bafana Bafana lay the smackdown on their opponents. I must say after checking the venue out fully, I think Cape Town has been blessed with a super spot to chill out and have drinks over the next month and a bit over the World Cup.

The food is awesome (think snacky meze vibe) and the Tequila on offer is simply out of this world!!! You have the option of putting together your own drink with your favourite ingredients and of course fav Tequila for an entire night of enjoyment. They have an out of this world selection if you’re a tequila fan, with these boys and girls having the last 10 bottles of this one super flavour- I forget the name- on earth (ok maybe not on earth but they dont make it anymore so its super premium and super tasty too)… And I bullshit you not- they honestly serve the best margaritas I’ve ever tasted. If you’r feeling quite pimp- you’re can pay R400 to become a member and what this entitles you to is- an order of 10 different premium Tequila brands, usually not on offer to the normal public… pretty AYOBA if you ask me, considering that the top Patron available for purchase is a measly R400 a shot, ha!


So if you get the chance- pop into Tequila Town, you wont be sorry!! The MCBN crew will probably be making it rain there on Wednesday- so as always if you’re keen to come say hi and just talk smack with us- please pull through!!!

Happy Tuesday… sooooo stoked its not Monday anymore! 🙂

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