Is High-End Affordability the Future?

We embark upon a fresh and slightly objective outtake on the tech industry, with the well-received arrival of Samsungs’ S21 Series stealing the headlines for all the right reasons.

The family over at MCBN are here with TechByNight: Our deeper dig into all things tech and electronic. Our first venture looks at the possible future of smartphones. Is affordability for flagship devices the future?

S21 Series

The S21 Series launched for pre-order just under a week ago in SA and the spec-sheet is as monumental as its predecessors. This all coming in at a lower launch price as well. The lower price comes with slight exceptions but are they apparent enough to not tick all the boxes required? 

Looking at the standard versions, as a comparative, has the latest device at the same size profile with a small screen-to-body ratio, but not too much more that its a leap backwards (89.5% to 87.2%). With a plastic back and overall build similar to that of the S20 FE, it doesn’t feel any different due to its finish.

Top-end differs even less, with 0.1 inch decrease in screen size but a complimentary increase in pixel density based on the same reliable tech used for a slightly smaller screen. The newer Exynos chipset, which is expected in SA as the standard, has shown marked improvement to the extent that the need for Snapdragon devices in SA might not be too bad after all.  Auto-focusing issues prevalent in the S20 Ultra last year have also been done away with, allowing 108MP Camera to be used to its full potential.

With pre-orders all but sold-out, the S21+ is the only device available to show the clear price differential within the brand, coming down from R24 995.00 (PRICED NOW 12 Months After Launch) to R22 499.00 (SAMSUNG OFFICIAL WEBSITE). 

Is this the expectation we can look forward to from smartphone producers from this point forward or is this what is to be seen during these most unorthodox times of pandemic only? Will other beloved brands follow suite like Samsung and Google with the Pixel to bring high-end quality at lower rates? We will have to wait and see. 

In the mean time, keep a look out for more TechByNight content soon…


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