Taxis that make the blind see

Taxis in South Africa are for the most part, the primary source of rage and frustration everytime anyone goes for a drive. They are known to ride pavements, break every single law of the road possible and for their “gaadjies” (the dude who opens the door and counts the money) screaming obscene things out the window- Restoring sight, however has never been on that list. Well, until now that is.

While browsing the net for plastic surgery photos of Felicia (cos you know she had some work done) I came across an article about a Grade 1 pupil that can now see properly again – courtesy of being hit by a taxi!

Gerhard van der Merwe, 7, had very limited sight in his right eye until he was hit by a taxi outside his folks’ place in Parys Avenue about about two weeks back and now he has full 20/20 vision!! He had been wearing glasses since the age of nine months and could only see with the aid of super strong lenses.
Gerhard, a pupil at Baillie Park Primary School, and his 12-year-old sister Nadia were crossing the road to call a worker when a taxi hit him.
“He didn’t see the taxi approaching from his right and walked right in front of it. He was flung about 12m through the air. Nadia was walking behind him. We were afraid that he was dead,” said his mum.
The little soldier walked away with only a bust up on his eye and a mild concussion. Apparently his bad eye-sight was due to pinched nerves, which got unpinched when he got slammed by the taxi.

“In hospital he kept telling us he could see. He had to get stitches in his right eyelid, and it was swollen. So we thought he meant the swelling was subsiding and that he could distinguish light again. But he kept saying he could see,” his mother said. An eye specialist tested Gerhard and said he could read “from the largest to the very smallest letter on the chart”.
For Gerhard, who is very fond of fishing and “Bulletjie” rugby, he rates the best thing about the whole ordeal is not having to sit right in front of his class any more. – what a freaking little legend.

By no means should you push your visually impaired kids infront of taxis as a cure, I’m just saying that sometimes awesome things come in not so awesome packages- I mean look at me. Ha.

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  1. correct term for “gaadjies” is Executive sliding door operator… 🙂 yeah the kid is lucky he didnt die… ive seen a schoold girl tackle a full bus head on, NOT AYOBA…

  2. All to often you hear the horrible stories and something bad having happend. Just good something good came out of this.

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