Taste of Cape Town 2011 Review

This year’s Taste of Cape Town was moved to the outdoor lifestyle village thingy in Greenpoint in a bid to ensure that more people would be able to attend the event and not worry about finding parking. Unfortunately my experience of this was a bit more negative than this. Due to a lack of parking officials who actually wanted to do their jobs, there was a massive amount of traffic into the venue, with people left extremely confused over where to park. When I eventually left the festival, I was parked in by someone who was allowed to park in front of the entrance to the parking lot- such a fail! With that little niggle put aside let me get onto the good part of the Taste of Cape Town, the food and wine.

This year 14 of Cape Town’s top restaurants were chosen to exhibit a collection of their signature dishes while pairing these dishes with a selection of wines that complimented the explosion of taste that took place everytime that you had a bite. While I was there I tried as many of the dishes as I could fit in my tummy and was in complete ecstacy, loaded up on good food and drink.

The highlights for me had to be the Johnny Walker taste adventure, where we all had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the composition of Johnny Green, Red and Black- and also the Springbok from 15 on Orange, which was quite simply one of the best things that I have ever tasted.

The process of purchasing Crowns (the official currency of the festival) was made extremely simple and for the most part the queues for each stall were quite bearable. The venue had a nice flow and there was plenty of room to enjoy the cool beats and food related entertainment provided over the course of the whole weekend.

As a foodie, there is no doubt that the Taste of Cape Town festival would have left you in awe of the wonderful food that we have on offer here in the Mother City. I know that I am going to check out at least 3 of the restaurants after trying there signature dishes… I quite simply couldnt get enough!

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