Take A Look Into The World’s Fanciest McDonald’s in Hong Kong.


McDonald’s is known for its Big Mac’s, french fries and less than casual dining experience that involves the standard order, pay and go.

But that’s not the case at this concept store which launched back in 2017 in Hong Kong, China. The shop is called McDonald’s Next and is part of the brand’s effort to become more modernised. The restaurant features digital kiosks from which you can place your order, fancy automated hygiene areas and actual waiting staff and silverware.

As for the menu? While all the originals remain, McDonald’s Next also has a gourmet menu featuring delicious baked goods, a fresh salad bar, and signature main courses such as the Cheesy Champion Angus Beef Burger.

Check out the video below via Business Insider and more incredible images of McDonald’s Next below.

Trying The World's Fanciest McDonald's

This is the world's fanciest McDonald's.

Posted by Fast Food Insider on Friday, 26 October 2018

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