Take a Look into The Breathtaking, Art-Filled Resort That Was Pablo Escobar’s Private Hideout.


For a breathtaking beach getaway, look no further than Tulum, Mexico. Thrill seekers and fans of the hit TV show Narcos can now stay in the cocaine kingpins former personal estate – which was converted into a 35-room luxury hotel in 2015. Loved for its bright, white beaches and crystal clear water, the Caribbean getaway was also used as a favourite hideout for Pablo Escobar.

The infamous drug lord’s Mexican mansion was built in the 80s and after his demise, it sat empty for ten years when art dealer Lio Malca discovered the dilapidated space and slowly began renovating the home. By 2015 the collector had transformed the home into a full-on hotel, filled with contemporary art. Most rooms also have waterfront access to the casa’s private beach and all throughout the boutique property, hammocks can be found hanging from trees. Rooms begin at £395 at the luxurious, eco-friendly Casa Malca. Check out the breathtaking images below.




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