Take a look inside these high-end doomsday bunkers up for sale

Take a look inside these high-end doomsday bunkers up for sale

For decades many have believed the apocalypse is upon us. But the doomsday prophecies are increasingly becoming a possibility as the threat of nuclear attacks (or even accidents) and the very real climate crisis ‘loom in the wings’.

These threats have encouraged some wealthy survivalists to purchase doomsday shelters. These high-end bunkers can reportedly withstand a variety of catastrophes and are fully equipped with key features, such as generators, blast-proof doors, freeze-dried food, medical supplies and more. The bunkers are designed to ensure people can live underground for years.

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Survival Condo Project and Vivos, companies specialising in these high doomsday bunkers, have built luxury underground dwellings to house the super-wealthy in the event of a global disaster. Their bunkers can hold up to 25 people while some bunkers have been designed as private doomsday condos. Some of the dwellings include movie theatres, swimming pools, and rock walls. Other amenities include security cameras to protect residents from outside threats and grow rooms fully equipped with high-end lighting.

Take a sneak peek inside some of these luxury bunkers below and read more on the latest lifestyle news right here.

Images | terravivos.com and survivalcondo.com



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