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Burning Man 2018 | Karim Tabar


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Are festivals becoming more of a fashion show than a celebration of music? A narcotics gathering where the beats simply serve as a ‘background’ feature for debauchery and consumerism. Just a setting for a simple Instagram post? The answer is a definite yes.

Before the advent of social media, festival-goers were less concerned with outfit choices. Music fans were happy to roll around in the mud at Glastonbury wearing the same outfit for five days.

In 2019, however, festivals offer the Instagram generation a perfect backdrop for a selfie – festival-goers are posting an incredible 5 TIMES MORE at these summer events than they were in 2017, and plans for outfit choices and designer labels stretch months in advance. And if you happened to be a so-called “influencer,” you can bet all that obsession and effort is tenfold.

Instagram Culture on The Rise | Burning Man by Karim Tabar

Love The Sales recently reported that over 15 million Instagram posts were shared at last year’s Top 200 Festivals. The platform assessed the 200 top festivals in the world to find out which event had the most ‘Instagram Posers,’ and unsurprisingly, the number one spot goes to Burning Man USA.

We recently wrote about how the CEO of Black Rock City, Marian Goodell, expressed dismay over the ever-growing ‘Instagram and convenience culture,’ and called for a ‘cultural course correcting’ of the festival in a statement on their website. Goodell even went as far as banning a famous concierge-style camp who disregarded the ethos of the Playa.

But her effort to distance the festival from any capitalistic trend seems in vain, with growing numbers of ‘Instagram Posers’ flocking to Black Rock City each year, not to experience the burn, but to change outfits six times a day and get those 25 shot for the ‘gram.’

Burning Man 2018 | Karim Tabar

You can read our article ‘Burning Man CEO speaks out against Instagram culture and bans concierge-style camp,’ right here. For now, take a look at the other 9 most Instagrammed festivals in the world below, courtesy of LoveTheSales.com

1. Burning Man, USA

24 posts per Instagram user

Burning Man is officially the most Instagrammed festival, with Instagram users posting on average 24 times over the 9-day event.

The desert-dwelling music fest offers attendees the chance to lose any inhibitions and go all-out on style. You’ll see the craziest of outfits and the most outlandish garments fashion has to offer. It offers festival goers a completely unique experience that mainstream festivals cannot match.

With the ever-rising popularity and a short supply of tickets, it’s a must-attend event. Resale tickets have been posted for as much as $1,000,000 dollars online.

2. Coachella, USA

21 posts per Instagram user

Coachella comes in at the number two spot.

Officially deemed the ‘Superbowl of Fashion’, Coachella is only growing in its influence on fashion trends. Celebrities and fashion influencers flock to the event each year. Many fashion brands now have a presence at the festival just to capitalise on the Instagram buzz. A massive hit with attendees was Sephora’s DIY make-up bar, as was H&M’s festival pop-up, featuring exclusive items and celebrity hosts.

3. Tomorrowland, Belgium

17 posts per Instagram user

The elaborate stages and colourful scenery make Europe’s largest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival the perfect place for fans to post on Insta.

The event has gained viral status online, with its official ‘aftermovies’ notching up 100+ million views on Youtube. Given its online reach, it makes sense that it ranks so highly in the top 10.

4. Ultra Music Festival, USA

15 posts per Instagram user

Given that Ultra has the second highest Instagram following of the top ten, we thought it would appear higher in the list (Tomorrowland has the highest).

The EDM festival, set with a backdrop of Miami, has a following of 3.5 million people on Instagram, but with 15 posts per Instagrammer it only makes up the Top 5.

5. Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, USA

14 posts per Instagram user


Harking back to the roots of early festivals, such as Woodstock, the onus is very much on experience, inclusivity and being social with your fellow festival-goers.

The festival has been around since 2002 and encompasses a wide variety of musical talent across genres. Voted ‘best festival’ by Rolling Stone magazine in 2008, Bonnaroo is well known for attracting rock fans from around the world.


6. Glastonbury, UK

12 posts per Instagram user

As one of the most well-known festivals in the world, everybody wants to go to Glastonbury.

The event takes happens has two years on one year off cycle, so it’s no surprise that their 2019 tickets sold out in under 20 minutes.

7. Creamfields, UK

9 posts per Instagram user


One of the largest EDM festivals in the world in terms of attendance, Creamfields has been an integral part of the UK music scene since 1998.

Its birth towards the end of the UK’s rave culture established its popularity with Gen X and perhaps hampered its position in the top 10.

8. Electric Daisy Carnival, USA

6 posts per Instagram user


As much a carnival as a festival, EDC won ‘Festival of the Year’ at the Electronic Music Awards in 2017.

Known for its weird and wonderful music stages and its colourful atmosphere, EDC has an ethos of inclusivity and non-discrimination. Its inception fell around the same time as Creamfields.

9. Lollapalooza, USA

5 posts per Instagram user

The 4-day music event got its start 27 years ago in Chicago and has become a festival powerhouse across the world, holding successful events in Chile, Brazil and Germany.

The musical juggernaut appeals very much the masses, attracting hugely popular acts which bring along a swarm of adoring fans. Headliners last year consisted of Bruno Mars, Arctic Monkeys & Travis Scott.

10. Mysteryland, Netherlands

4 posts per Instagram user


Known as ‘the oldest festival in the Netherlands’, Mysteryland has been growing in popularity across the globe in recent years.

In 2015 it grew from a one-day event to a three-day camping experience. As a result, Instagrammers now post 4 pics whilst attending the event, thrusting it into the Top 10.

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