Synergy – I Think I Might Just Love You.


I don’t know where to start? There is to much to remember, a lot forgotten, so many awesome memories created and new friends made. This has to go down in the record books as one the most epic weekends yet. We left Cape Town around 4:30pm on Friday afternoon with the excitement levels going through the roof. We were stupid enough to “hope” there would be none of that usual Friday afternoon traffic. We were unfortunately wrong. We had some good music which helped get us through that initial hold up. To set us back even further, we ended up getting a little lost closer to the venue. As we were arriving we saw them sending cars onto a field a good few hundreds of metres before the entrance to the venue. This is when I knew we were arriving into something big, something very big.



We parked the car, our first stop was at Lumo Sumo’s “Sumo City” which had been placed right next to the entrance to the venue – perfect placement. They had quite a few tents (I’m going to have a little guess and say around 40 tents) set up in Sumo City. The vibe was always sick in there, people chilling out, maxing and relaxing. They had a lekker stretch tent with bean bags placed in the middle and Loaded Smoothie umbrella’s & gazebo’s everywhere to protect us from the deadly sun on Friday afternoon. I must say it felt nice to have my bed ready-made for me, although I didn’t end even make it back to my tent that night, I blame my good friend Smirnoff. We then headed off to get our armbands and made our way into the venue


The entrance was right next to “Sumo City” which made life great as we had a quick entry from our camp site into the venue. EVERYONE had to come through the same entrance to the venue which at times bottle necked and wasn’t fun but that’s another story. We made it inside, started missioning down into the venue, the electro stage started getting bigger, the music started getting louder and Tommy Gun had just stepped up. My weekend couldn’t have started in any better a way… We had made it to Synergy Live 2010. YES!


There were a few people sitting in the grass in the electro tent chilling, relaxing, waiting for the music to pick up. When Tommy was done – he had the whole dancefloor packed and ready to get stuck right into Friday night. A big high five to Tommy for that little jam he had on the front speakers. The tunes were rocking and Tommy indie electro set got us ready for THE set that I have to say takes first place on Friday night for me, Liver.


It was only 8:00pm when Liver stepped up and brutally slammed some of the hardest dubstep I have heard in a while. That was only the first hour of his set. We were then treated to some even harder grimey electro beats for the second hour. The dance floor had now doubled in size and people were loosing their minds. Liver – You killed it, I haven’t heard a set travel through that many genres and stay that crazy in a while (seriously some of the most insane dubstep ever). After that PH Fat rocked the crowds socks with their live set – I almost saw girls in tears at the front for them. They were followed by Niskerone, SFR, Counterstrike and Hyphen who stepped up and slammed some insane high energy Drum n Bass.

The later the night got – the more blurred things had become. I luckily got looked after by two mooiness ( I owe you big time ladies) who took me to the Techno tent which started later in the evening than everything else and forced me to drink water till I sobered up a bit. We were treated to a set by Dan Scot (I think, I was really drunk) and he had a guy in what resembled a mask fairly similar to that of Deadmau5, playing a live guitar throughout the set – it was insane! It was the first time I have ever seen a live instrument during a techno set and I must say I really impressed, it sounded awesome.


Things became a big blur around 2am and Saturday was becoming a new day all too soon…



I woke up in the middle of Sumo City under a blanket and the umbrellas no where near a tent, great start. The hangover felt immensely painful and I honestly didn’t know if I couldn’t make through the day but luckily I had a group of mates who weren’t taking no for an answer and had the tequila flowing by midday.  That woke me up quickly. The music started around 13:30pm on the electro stage and as the new crowds rolled in, the hungover vibe was quickly replaced by excitement. Afropunk got things going nicely which allowed Mix n Blend and MC EJ Von Lyrik to steal the show. Within an instant, the dance floor was packed again. It was perfect, the levels of excitement had now gone overboard. People were jamming, smiling, drinking and partying like there was no tomorrow. Mix n Blend had rocked it once again.

Anthea was up next and she never fails behind the decks. She played some of the hottest techno, as she does. By now the sun was slowly going down and the crowd was getting bigger and more amped to party. Kennedy and Willis?? came out firing and the crowd loved every little second of it. I cant explain to you what the dance floor looked like by the time Haezer started but it was huge and it was raging. There is a huge toss up between Mix n Blend and Haezer for the set of Saturday in my eyes. El Gordo does what he does best and kept those beautiful tunes slamming. Killer Robot and Goldfish ended things off with two MASSIVE sets. I was finished, I needed my bed, 2 Nights of solid partying. It was all worth it, what a weekend, what more could I have asked for?


Synergy was great and I don’t think I will forget it as long as I live but it did have its weak moments. So I am going to give you my “Thumbs down” and my “thumbs up” for Synergy live 2010.

Thumbs Down:

  • After the first night, there was no water ANYWHERE. Are the organisers out of their minds? Water is a neccessity for festival and party peeps. Come now Synergy – Fail!
  • Overly aggressive bouncers, I have never seen such an unfriendly bunch in my life. EVER!
  • Only the main bar open on Saturday till 5pm
  • Minimal toilets, the stench became unbearable at times. I felt sorry for people camping next to them
  • Long ques for food stalls, should have been more food and drinks stalls.
  • Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand: heard the song get hummed or sang over a thousand times.
  • Entrance to the event – the staff at the door were retarded (almost 100% retarded) and the whole system was useless!

Thumbs Up:

  • The Electro Tent. One word: Awesome!
  • The Music: Friday nights best sets – Tommy Gun, Liver and Counterstrike. Saturdays best sets – Mix n Blend and Haezer.
  • The vibe was incredible, everyone was ready to party
  • The Carnival rides – YES, you read that right, THE CARNIVAL rides. That was honestly the best thing ever to be added to an outdoor festival. A must for all the others.
  • The “Mooiness” factor was mind blowing
  • Spur at Synergy 2010
  • Ferdinand Rabies Cocktail Bar – Which played trance the WHOLE time he was there. ROCKING!
  • Hanging out with some of the raddest people in the world

Synergy 2010 – I love you…

Now for Synergy 2011…

Big thanks to everyone involved for making this such a memorable weekend. I honestly don’t think I will forget this as long as I live. Especially – Lumo Sumo, NoBucks, Dont Party, Synergy and all my mates who I jammed with. A big thank you to the following people who’s pictures I used, your photos rock – Ian ‘Frank Lee’ Skene, Tyron Kuipers, Tommy Gun and Paul Ward for the use of your pictures.

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