Synergy – Things Were Dirty, Things Were Loud!

Now let me apologise in advance for this very one sided review, but to be honest the Redbull Stage was so unbelievably good, I had no need to venture any further (besides for Goodluck, of course).

I made sure I booked off work early to ensure I was packed and ready- I have a habit of leaving things to the last minute but got everything sorted out, while slightly delaying everyone else in the process and off we went. The excitement overload had caused me to leave my ticket behind – All I could see and hear was SYNERGY, LOCAL MUSIC, INTERNATIONAL MADNESS AND FUN IN THE SUN FOR THREE DAYS. The delays were endless!! The drive past Wimpy shot my craving into the New Year but I knew we had to carry on going and it also gave me that sense that the festival was getting closer by the kilometre.

We arrived as the sun was setting and luckily for us there we no cues of cars, everything was smooth and quick but then proceeded the mammoth walk from car to camping area which was my only complaint for the weekend – but the amount of people and sheer size of this year’s festival kinda made sense. I am not going to lie though; my whole right side of my body is stiff from carrying our 10 ton cooler box into the mayhem and to our tents. We arrived at the secluded Lumo Sumo camping area. These guys were sorted out this year with massive chill spots, huge comfy cushions, an over stocked tequila bar, clean toilets and LOADS of space for us to frolic around in. It was situated right by both the main stage and the Redbull Electro stage so this made the missioning between dance floors like a breeze through the orchards. Unfortunately for us, Lumo Sumo had some mooiness tequila girls who were pretty intent on not hearing us EVER use the words “no” near their bar but this did get our night off to a mighty fine kick start! And it all began…

We had formed a little team on the drive up to Synergy. The troopers – Lone Star, Brave Star, Red Stag & Dr Rex, it was like something outta the 80’s porno but once we made our way up to the front of that dance floor, everything was transformed into a congregation of likeminded individual all wanting two things… Loud electronic music & dancing till we couldnt stand anymore (and I say this, cause I saw it with my own eyes, it looked like someone was attempting to breakdance but in a slightly retarded kinda way)

I caught the final track or two of Das Kapital who I personally wanted to see, but unfortunately as things didn’t turn out as planned, I missed it… Although he was followed by electro bass rapping duo of Jam Jarr who are always a pleasure to see live on stage. Their fat chunky electro bass line punished the crowd as Paul the charismatic & energetic lyricist stole the show with the microphone… The energy they push off during their gigs is immense and what made me especially happy was when they ended of their set with a personal favourite of mine- “Let’s Get High” which rolled straight into the wonderful world of break beats with some electro infused for good measures courtesy of George Daniels (the man has skills). Mix n Blend, where does one start with these guys, they stepped up next and as they ALWAYS do, they kicked things up a gear and got the DnB building up perfectly… This is when I made my ONE and ONLY mission to the main stage, to see Goodluck! I know at MyCityByNight we always say this, but this group is one of the best live acts to watch in South Africa. They are just getting better and better and if you were there while they performed you will know what I am saying. The energy during their set was electric and Jules (the lead singer) had the crowd eating out of her hand- Ricky would have been so proud. I ran back to the other stage and Hyphen was destroying things only to be followed by Counterstrike who I must add took things to a completely new level of Drum n Bass as sounds came crashing down on us before we were treated to the final set of the night by SFR: Take a BOW dude!!! This was one of sets of the weekend for me and we were even treated to two tracks after the music was supposed to be turned off. I remember running around causing chaos looking for my tent in the camping area only to remember I was staying in Lumo Sumo which was maybe a 2km distance away from where I actually was, leaving a path of destruction behind as I made my way home, or at least tried my best too.

Day 2!

I woke early around 7:05am, hung over and pissed off that I must have only got around 2 hours of sleep and we were in for an extremely hot day. The river played host to numerous different creatures throughout the day. Some made the effort to bring props along, some just brought their towels and costumes while others just sat alongside the river, practising hipsterism like it was going out of fashion. I got a little too comfy near the river and out of nowhere, when I opened my eyes again, I realised I must have passed the eff out near the river which was pretty ideal…. Richard the Third was on the decks playing his afro-infused electro, I headed back to the camp, grabbed my bottle of Red Stag and headed back to the dance floor to soak in the final few beats until Audiophile stepped up and gave us a healthy dose of his unique dubstep flavour. Now this is the stage that I stop everyone quickly and take a moment with me to reflect as the Electro stage was smack bang in the middle of the event, so either way you look at it, everyone had to come past this dance floor at some stage and this meant that we were treated to some of the most gorgeous mooiness I have ever seen. Another mention right about now was the abundance of Pina Colada papsak, which was flowing everywhere! While this Pina Colada was flowing, Liver came over before his set proceeded to tell myself and Plaigarhythm one of the filthiest stories that is still giving me shivers thinking about it, but his set was just as good as I expected if not better. It’s a treat having the Liver down in Cape Town. After this, I took a lot of time off relaxing before I got things kicked up into the next gear. The moments(hours) I had been waiting for, to hear F.O.O.L and Dirtyloud absolutely decimate the Cape Town dance floor were only a few hours away but not before Bruce Willis, PHfat and Kennedy had their say and I must say Kennedy had a tough job opening for F.O.O.L but pulled it off like a seasoned veteran, the sound rig sounded louder, the crowd was more amped and I was about a bottle of stag and 3 joints down, walking around looking like a not so seasoned veteran. I was sent into a mild state of panic, excitement, nausea, joy and even close to small heart attacks as F.O.O.L stepped up and threw down one of the greatest sets I could have ever seen. It was one of the most uplifting electro sets, with touches of rave days slipping its sneaky head into some tunes being belted out of the speakers, tune after tune. By now I went and took a little seat at the back of the dance floor, gathering my breathe, laying in the grass and listened to the thunderous bass lines rolling out of the speakers, leaving me trembling on the floor… I was in festival heaven, I couldn’t ask for anything better at that very moment, or so I thought…

Double Adapter stepped up and caused their usual mayhem, this time with the full band and my god it was electrifying. With that being said, I don’t why though, but something was missing for me, I just couldn’t pin point exactly what it was but they still rock. One of the highlights of my weekend was watching the bteam step up on stage fully dressed up in dinosaur outfits leaving many disco dancers looking bewildered at the stage trying to put the pieces together and before we knew it Plaigarhythm was absolutely fucking out on the front of the stage shaking his booty everywhere! I ran off to refill what I thought was most likely going to be my last drink of the night, before the Dirtyloud mayhem ensued!

Dirtyloud… Where to start? I am honestly still quite mind blown by their set… Their set consisted of the most thunderous bass lines, most insane originals and of course their mental remixes they been working on. Both of them looked right at home, swapping sides from mixer to laptop while dropping some of the most flawless mixing I have ever seen. They seemed to enjoyed themselves controlling the crowd, mix after mix. They moved into the most aggressive dubstep for the final 20 minutes of their set and it honestly felt like I was in Transformers 3 with that Redbull rig churning out beats at a rapid rate, it had been turned up so loud the music was literally vibrating through the whole dance floor! I wish I could follow these guys around the world and just watch show after show, it was truly an honour seeing them behind the decks. I am still mesmerised!!

Killer Robot had a massive job to do after the tremendously, mind blowing set of Dirtyloud but they aren’t called Killer Robot for nothing. It’s hard to put my finger on that type of techno they were playing, but fuck it was awesome… They closed things off perfectly for me – Big ups KR!

I woke up to find myself in a state of pure bliss, I had seen the most mystical thing ever, I can honestly say that Dirtyloud’s set was one of the most amazing sets I have seen to date (BIG STATEMENT but 100% true!). I couldn’t stick around any longer, my mind went bent, my body was broken, I was sunburnt and it was every little bit worth it. I only heard amazing things about the Cold Turkey crew killing the stage during the day and making sure everyone got their Sunday fix. To the Synergy crew, big ups and well done on a smoothly run festival, it was very much appreciated! To Uncle Graham Kennedy, massive shout out for your hard work on the Electro Floor, to the Red bull guys and to ALL THE MATES AND NEW FRIENDS THAT WERE MADE THIS WEEKEND, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU ROCK!

Let me just say one thing, South African artists seriously know where it is at… You guys, each and every single artist I saw, raised the bar! Big ups!!

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  1. craziest weekend EVER… took a photo with a hot chick, never got a name nothing… just a peck on the cheek then she was gone….. that was all in 20seconds…. now all i have is the photo….aaaah Synergy, the memories.

  2. Wooooooooooooooooooooow! I cant get over how cool that was and you really reaaaaaaaaally got it right with the “Festival Heaven” part. Thanks for the awesome review, took me right back!!

  3. @Marcello: A picture to keep the maddest memories, what a weekend hey!?

    @Synergiser: It took me a bladdy long time but it was so awesome re-writing it all over again 🙂

    @Dirtyfuckingloud: DUDE!!! Slightly in love 🙂 hahahahaha

    @George: Thanks bro, fucking killer set!!!

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