#SwitchOnTheNight – An External Overview of the #MyCityByNight vs. #Psymedia Experience

It’s been almost three years since the last gathering played out its “Final Round” in Fiction & I personally cannot wait to see how the rematch is to pan out (Event link – here). Once more, this is your captain Gonzo9318 #ReportingForDuty with a short but deep look into the greatness that has come from this event. 


The first ever round back in April 2014 brought to light a younger Troy, with his Geometric Flux who is currently one of the biggest acts of 2017 alongside his brand Into The Wild & being brought on Major7’s X7M Records as an artist. It also gave us the rare opportunity of seeing Bruce’s Synchronist act at work as well as Dale’s Dala indoors & in the CBD alongside the likes Daniel’s Portal & Jeanelle’s Satori respectively which is quite rare to see in Cape Town today as they are currently overseas.


I like to refer to the second round as the “birth” round with various acts being brought to the forefront of indoor psytrance events and given a platform for the exhibition. The two biggest that stood out on the list was the collaboration between Phixius & Positive which today goes by the alias of Eolithic and the unruly combination of Zezia & Ninja Jack which led to the formation of Monoclinic which ended up on stage at Jungala Festival after its inception.


The final round of 2014 was filled with gems through and through. The first being a unique Portal vs. D-Sciple set which was only seen once more ever at Equinox 2016, a Shift-Slug “Pitch Hikers” set which is a rarity in its own right, a Silo vs. Humerous set recognized (in my opinion) as the pioneering b2b set of the SA psytrance scene & a Deliriant vs. Lost & Found live set which is by far the most memorable set of all the parties to date. The Deliriant vs. Lost & Found live set was a production verse set rather than a typical track for track set which made for a unique experience brought on by studio worked favourites of both artists.


There’s not much that can be said apart from the fact that these are sets to be experienced firsthand. I feel that the stand out performance could come from a very special Deliriant vs. Rubix Qube closing set but the journey to get there is going to be magnificent with an opening performance from BamBeano & Dave Irish, into a heavyweight concoction between Geometric Flux & I-Tone & an Expo Records exhibit was supposed to take place but due to unforeseen circumstances, we have unfortunate news that Dynamic Range has had to pull out and Dave Mac will take on DJ Mark in a battle with over 2 decades of experience.

Competition or Collaboration?

We couldn’t say but we would like to ask you one question… Who would you like to see #Psymedia & #MyCityByNight put together next??

Event link: click here
Online Presold R120: bit.ly/psymcbnrematch

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