Swedish Model makes video about her being TOO BIG for the industry

swedish model too big

For those of you who aren’t aware – I am not a woman or a model, so I haven’t had to contend with unrealistic expectations around body image placed on me by the media. However, this is a problem that many women around the World face on a daily basis when forced to align themselves with unobtainable standards around body shape and how they SHOULD look in order to be considered as attractive by mainstream culture. It’s all a big mess really.

A wafer-thin Swedish model Agnes HedengĂ„rd, decided it was time to speak out, after she had been told that she was too big and out of shape by several large companies, forcing her to leave the World of professional modelling and find a new way to earn cash. It’s a super sad watch, mainly because of the fact that if the industry considers a woman like Agnes as being “too big”, we have little hope of fostering positive messages around body image and what healthy really looks like in the next generation of youth.

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