Sweat It!


There’s no time like the present to start working on your body for next summer…I know some of you might think that notion is insane, but trying to slam in all the last minute exercise routines before the next summer comes along, might in fact just leave you unmotivated altogether.

Something I’ve had to face quite harshly, is that I am in no way a runner… I have never, nor will I ever enjoy road running – although I would love to do something challenging like the Two Oceans or the Comrades – yes I know how that sounds, now stop looking at me in that tone of voice!


So getting onto a treadmill for me is a very tedious but necessary task.
You might not be aware of this fact, but weight training actually burns fat faster than cardio, but if any of you actually do weight training, you’ll understand that you CANNOT do weights every day – I’m referring to circuit btw, not strength training, so you have to juggle that with some cardio.

Now I’ve always been a sucker for a spinning class, but lately I seem to be changing my moods, and thus follow my gym routine.


I have also figured out how highly annoyed I get when I don’t have my iPod at the gym with me! I’ve discovered the beauty of pace running, and for that, you need music.
Not just any music.
Music that drives you.
Of course, also music that is easy to keep up with. Music that instantly either puts a smile on your face, gets you angry, or that makes you want to get up and dance.

For everyone it’s different!

I’ve found my top rated ones to date are; The Cardigans – Favourite Game, Infinity, Tracking Treasure Down, Reflekt – Ready to be Loved…

All you have to do is listen to the beat of the music, zone out, and only focus your breathing according to the flow of the music!

Now I find myself being able to do a collective 60min of treadmill running, with some floor work at the 20min intervals!

Awesome hey?


For me, running is a very MENTAL thing. I’ll always be apposed to road running for this reason:

If you’re running on the road, you can run for – let’s say – 5km’s, get tired, and then realize you need to run all the way back. With the treadmill, you can run, till you get tired, and then you can simply STOP…

Happy sweating kiddos…

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  1. Great article, why not try Flexi-Sports’s XCO Trainer to improve your running and overall workout. Everybody is doing it!! Come and experience Flexi-Sports at this year’s 2Oceans and Comrades Marathon.

      1. Yes pls can u send a link – always looking for music to drive my inner beast!

  2. I disagree with the running but absolutely agree to start working now for next summer and get all sexy and hot, ha ha

  3. dance clas is the only way to keep me continuously motivated. awesome tuneage, cardio like no other and toning for tight abs and ass…can’t beat that!

  4. try trail running – not boring and you run in a loop 🙂 running on a tread mill at anything less than 1 degree incline is just cheating yourself and a waste of time

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