Surface computing- what a vibe

Do remember watching old episodes of Star Trek and being amazed at all those aliens playing Space Invaders on the likes of the Enterpise’s kitchen table. Thankfully its no longer something just done by people in movies.

The technology itself is fairly old in terms of new developments with the announcement of surface computing available to the general public way back in 2007. What Surface computing refers to is using a specialized computer graphics interface, in which traditional GUI elements are replaced by intuitive, everyday objects like a kitchen table. Instead of using a keyboard and mouse the user interacts with information directly with a touch-sensitive screen.

The reason why I thought that it was worth a mention now was because of the fact that surface computing is slowly starting to catch on and is starting to be used in real world applications, like in stores or even restaurants.

You see a little offering called Microsoft Surface is starting to pick up popularity and has been used in various places and venues with cell phone retailer AT&T becoming the the first retailer to use Surface to help their customers purchase phones. What customers could do is place the phones they digged on the Surface and receive full phone specs, as well as pricing.

I’m a bit of a techno geek and this is super exciting for me- I imagine that the in store self service and Surface on your dinner table replacing paper menus is not that far off in the future 🙂

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  1. Dude as far as i know its been out for ages… For like 2 years.. lol Apple are going to bring out the itable.. probably.

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