‘Superformula’ Turns Child Cancer Patients Into Superheroes

Superformula cancer

Cancer is horrible and scary – especially so when you’re a little kid who has to deal with Chemotherapy and coping with the disease. Thanks to some fairly awesome work from the peeps over at JWT, the A.C Camargo Cancer Centre in São Paulo, Brazil was able to enlist the help of Batman, the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to help kids overcome their fears around their treatment and the disease.

“What’s really amazing is that everyone wants to participate. They feel like they are part of the team,” “For cancer patients, hope is everything. We’re proud to be part of that hope.”

– said Luciana Rodrigues, head of client services for JWT Brazil in a recent interview with Healthline.

Here’s how it works:

The DC Comics crew are developing and rolling out custom comic books designed for the project where the story lines feature a Justice League member who undergoes a life-threatening experience that hampers their powers similar to a kid who has been diagnosed with leukemia, needing treatment. The comic book hero then goes on to triumph by using a superformula that is delivered to them intravenously (again, much like the situation faced by the kids).

Then to bring the comics books to life, the chemotherapy bags are placed into Superhero branded casings that disguise the usually quite horrific looking plastic bags of Chemo treatment.

“Yesterday, one of the young boys was wearing a Batman costume and said to me, ‘I want my superformula because I’m Batman!’,”  “I almost cried in the end. He wanted to show me his superformula and it was his chemo.”

-added Rodrigues

If you’re in the need of a good cry, have a look at the video below for a more detailed view of how the project works.


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