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I feel little stupid after finding this in the drafts when I thought I had posted it before Sprung. So I do apologise about that… Silly Kreg. Once again MMD have brought out another slammer of  an EP, this time by Super Evil. I got my hands on a copy of the EP – In Evil We Trust, a week or so before Sprung. I had this on repeat and it literally kept me going all week till Sprung. There are 4 banging tracks (hit the Beatport link at the bottom to give them a little listen), produced by the team of Super Evil – James A. Copeland (aka Broken Toy) is on the decks and Arno Rodrigues on the guitar. A formidable force when combined, with a production level of the highest quality. MMD have done well to secure these to talented musicians. Keep your eyes on these two guys at Skazi party and Orca/Tryamabaka for some more madness on the trance floor. It’s a very very high energised performance. (If any of you saw them at Alien Safari, you will know what I am talking about).

They released their latest EP: In Evil We Trust and it has 3 slamming tracks and one insane RMX

Track List:

1. Doom gloom and things that boom
2. Chaos disorder anarchy
3. Krunk blaster
4. We want your soul (RMX)

Mastered by Matthew De Nobrega @ Timecode Studios
Graphics supplied by Brendon Barnard

Super Evil is the Metal/Psytrance project of producer James Copeland and guitarist Arno Rodrigues. Hailing from the sleepy hollow that is Paarl, deep in the heart of the South African Winelands, they come to bring the rucus to all you mother fuckers. Over 10 years ago, the pair were in a metal band together but split to go their own ways. James started the psytrance project Broken Toy and Arno became a member of Cape Town metal band 21st Century Tragedy. After one long overdue casual jam session together, it was painfully clear that some kickin badass tunes could be unleashed and Super Evil was formed. Over the next 3 years or so, Super Evil slowly was force fed to the masses in small doses by cameo appearances in the Broken Toy Live sets, but after gathering enough of their own original material to make a 100% fulfledge Super Evil live set, James and Arno took the bull by the horns, and have been electrifying dance floors across the whole of SA ever since…and they’re not gonna stop there!

Lets get chatting about the tracks on the EP though:

The ”Doom Gloom and Things That Boom” track I think has to be one of the most “chilled” tracks on the EP and I use the word “chilled” very loosely here. This song has a very strong resemblance to the older Abomination sound which I grew up loving. With a very driving bassline and that (super) evil guitar riff punishing through the track, this tune would go down perfectly for me… just as the sun was coming up. The build up into the second break is insane and will definitely have your feet tapping and ready for a little stomp. This is a top class track

“Chaos Disorder Anarchy” for me has to be the darker track on the EP but the production on this track blows me away every time I hear it. There is something about a live electric guitar and slamming trance beats, when combined, blows my little mind! I remember hearing this track LIVE at Alien Safari and it really got the dance floor going wild. This track gets a 10/10 from me.

When I started listening to this track, I knew I was in for another goody. The “Krunk Blaster” tune slowly progressed into that uniquely produced, tweaked guitar riff and that very dirty bassline that I had become used hearing throughout the past two tracks. The guitar solo in the middle of the track leads into one MONSTER build which would shatter any dance floor it is played on. I really look forward to hearing this track a couple more times out on a dance floor (hopefully this weekend) at some stage

I am going to end things off with a track that has become so familiar with Sunday morning dance floors that more than half of the dance floor would pick it up after the first beat. As soon as the vocal sample comes in, you know the trance floor is going to turn up –side –down. The 2010 remix of “We Want Your Soul” is a brilliant rework of the original with a dangerous guitar riff throughout the whole track.  Need I say more about this track? Go and get your hands on it.

You can buy it at the following online stores:

Juno Download


All pictures courtesy of : Lumo Sumo (thanks guys)

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