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One of the local ways of measuring consumer sentiment for brands (and by no means the only way) is the Sunday Times Top Brands Survey. There are just a couple of weeks before the final announcement of SA’s most popular products and brands in the last year as part of this survey and we get to see which brands are first in your hearts, minds and homes.

As part of the survey, we also get to learn who the Sunday Times Top Brands Marketing Personality of 2013 is. It’s a fairly big deal in the marketing industry but the award itself has never seen a strong representation for the work of those pushing brands who were birthed solely on the internet. I’m rather bored of seeing winners come from massive corporates and banks and would love it if all those who are leading the digital marketing revolution get recognised for their contributions in the industry in general (we don’t always need our OWN awards).

Trevor Ormerod, General Manager of Advertising Sales and Strategic Communications for Times Media had this to say:

“This Award identifies the brands that are excelling and delivering against the needs of South Africans. Being an award open to peer and industry voting, the Top Marketing Personality Award allows each of us to celebrate the incredible depth of talent we find in South Africa, and the  Sunday Times is very proud to provide this open platform for recognition,”

So there we have it, go vote for someone in here on the interwebs (it totally doesn’t have to be us), rather than out there in the real world 🙂

To nominate  your 2013  Sunday Times Top Marketing Personality visit

Simply enter the name of the person you believe worthy of the title, along with a brief motivation. If a particular brand or marketing campaign has grabbed your attention, simply state which one you rate tops, and the award organisers will identify the marketing personality responsible.

Nominations close on the 2nd August 2013. The Sunday Times Top Brands survey results will be announced at the award ceremony on 15th August.

For real-time updates on all the winners follow the  Sunday Times Top Brands awards on Twitter: @ST_TopBrands #TopBrands2013


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