Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey – The power of like-a-nomics

Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey - The power of like-a-nomics

 A selection of South Africa’s favourite and most popular celebrities, brands and marketers (they clearly lost our contact details when storing them in a special safe- we are THAT cool) attended the seventh annual Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey Awards, which took place at the Theatre on the Track at Kyalami earlier this week on Tuesday, 24 May.
The survey is a major gauge, vital in determining the desires of the South Africa’s youth (between the ages of 8 and 22- yes none of the MCBN crew fall into that category unfortunately). How do they assess the needs of Generation Y, you ask? Well enter the power of like-a-nomics.
“Any brand looking to strategically break through into the youth market first and foremost needs to know what the youth ‘likes’,” says General Manager of Advertising Revenue and Strategic Communications at the Sunday Times, Enver Groenewald. “As the buying force of tomorrow, youth need to be much more validated as consumers: they have the potential to make or break a product or service,”
Spanning 72 categories, and unpacked into two studies: namely Coolest Brands and Lifestyle Habits, the Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey illustrates young consumers’ brand preferences based on what they deem to be ‘cool’; irrespective of their financial constraints. 

In brief here are some of the major winners:

Our personal favourite business tool- The Blackberry smart phone has gained enough clout in the eyes of Generation Y to scoop this year’s Coolest Brand Overall title. 

Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey - The power of like-a-nomics
Citing Blackberry Messaging (BBM) as one of the primary reasons for naming the Blackberry the ‘coolest’ brand is a first for HDI Youth Marketeers, which annually conducts and consolidates the urban youth market research. “BBM is the archetypal ‘killer app’ – it’s one of the best examples ever of intrinsic functionality driving demand for a cell phone … or any device for that matter,” explains Jason Levin, managing director of HDI Youth Marketeers. “BBM turned the Blackberry, originally a smart phone used for business purposes, into a cool-tool for youth.” The Blackberry also took top honours in the ‘Coolest’ Cell Phone and ‘Coolest’ High-Tech Gadget categories.

Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey - The power of like-a-nomics
Repeat winners included ABSA as the ‘Coolest’ Bank, Pick n Pay as the ‘Coolest’ Grocery Store and 5FM as the ‘Coolest’ Radio Station. Newcomers in the top five rankings include Jay Jays, Avon, 8.ta and Top Gear in their respective categories.
Additional insights from the Lifestyle and Consumer Behaviour segment of the study show how Generation Y in South Africa have now begun to dismiss branded content that doesn’t appeal to them immediately. Everything is consumed in bite-sized portions, instead of copy-heavy content, with relevance being of the utmost importance.

“Connect with the people you want to have spread the word about your brand,” advises Levin. “Make them the focus of your communication, keep them captivated and enticed and you’ll undoubtedly reach their peers, and their peers, and so forth.”
Levin concludes: “Brands need to understand how to involve young consumers, which a survey such as this helps achieve, whilst bearing in mind that over fifty percent of South Africa is under the age of 23 and spent – in 2010 alone – R95.3 billion!”
The Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey will be available as a supplement in the 29 May 2011 edition of the Sunday Times.
For more survey information, email Jessica Oosthuizen at or visit
The Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand
Survey Results
Coolest Brand Overall:  
All Groups (%)
1. Blackberry  (21.1)
2. BMW (16.0)
3. Coca-Cola (11.6)

Coolest Brand Slogan 
All Groups (%)
1. Ayoba! (MTN) 27.03
2. Just Do It (Nike) 19.86
3. So Much More (DStv) 15.06
Coolest Corporate Citizen 
All Groups (%)
1. BMW (21.37)
2. Woolworths (17.43)
3. Coca-Cola (10.61)
Coolest Bank 
All Groups (%)
1. ABSA (51.88)
2. FNB (47.17)
3. Standard Bank (42.89)
Coolest Cell Phones 
All Groups (%)
1. BlackBerry (64.60)
2. Nokia (44.50)
3. Apple iPhone (30.58)
Coolest Fashion and Accessory Store 
All Groups (%)
1. Mr Price (21.98)
2. Edgars (15.44)
3. Jay Jays (13.46)
Coolest Domestic Airline 
All Groups (%)  
1. SAA  (71.18)
2. Mango (41.66)
3. British Airways (31.69)

Coolest Toothpaste(NEW GROUP!)
All Groups (%)
1. Aquafresh (75.04)
2. Colgate (69.23)
3. Sensodyne (22.26)
Fashion Brand 
All Groups (%)
1. Nike (20.64)
2. Adidas (20.37)
3. Guess (14.90)
Coolest Hotel Group 
All Groups (%)
1. Protea Hotels (33.60)
2. Sun International (30.69)
3. Southern Sun (30.05)

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  1. I must admit that I have gone fron the biggest Sony Ericsson fan to a Black Berry and I dont think I’ll ever go back…

    1. I was also a major Sony Ericsson fan and didn’t want to join the Blackberry revolution (always been an iPhone fan) but finally caved in and to be completely honest, I love my Blackberry 🙂

      1. It’s true… Kreg used to hate the BB until he experienced how awesome it was. Speaking of awesome- I wonder if the people at Blackberry are taking note of how much we love them- ahem… I could really use an upgrade 😉

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