Sunday Funday’s Don’t Get Much Better Than This.

Mr Trance gives us another epic review of his time at the Psymedia x MyCityByNight Sunday Funday session at Synergy Live.

This weekend was a wild one for this writer. After having 3 days of minimal sleep and lots of partying on the Breede river, one thing I kept saying to myself was that no matter what, come Sunday morning, I don’t care how broken I am, I’m driving back to Cape Town early to get to the Psymedia Cape Town vs. MCBN Sunday Funday at Synergy.

And so that happened… I mean, it wasn’t easy at all… I had to really dig in deep and getting out of bed at 6 am on Sunday is hard no matter who you are… but I persevered and left a sunny and promising day of weather on the Breede, only to find out that it was pissing down with rain in Cape Town halfway through my 4 hour journey back.

No stress, I thought. It’s only a bit of rain – that never stopped anyone from raving before. So I started the voyage to Synergy (carefully driving through the pouring rain and the herds of cyclists), hungover, beaten and alone.          

I arrived at an unbelievable sight… a dance floor, despite the relentless rain, was FULL of people stomping wholeheartedly – I couldn’t believe my eyes.  

GeoMetric Flux was well into his set – pounding beats hard to a heaving crowd and boy were they moving. No shelter, no fucks given.         

A few of the sane/seemingly more sober attendees were trying to hold on to their dignity and stay dry but that didn’t last very long because eventually, every single human I saw by the end of Portal’s set was completely drenched (myself included) and grooving hard. It was something quite special especially given how much we needed that rain. 

Hippie Mafia kept everyone’s blood warm while it the heavens opened even more. Now, not ONE self-respecting Capetownian can complain about it raining, if it rains, you say thank you to your rain god and you embrace the wetness. I think this was the general consensus for most, but I have to say, after seeing one absolute idiot with a 5-litre water bottle filled to the brim, throwing it around his neighbouring friends as if it was a summer psy-jol in 2010. Mate, if you’re reading this, you’re an idiot. Firstly because it’s already raining, what the hell you doing throwing water on your already drenched friends when we’re in a water crisis. You win the prize for the dumbest person there. Rant done.  

After finally accepting my fate of probably catching pneumonia from the rain, it decided to clear up and instantly transformed into a scorcher of a day. The sun was out, the beats were banging,  and everyone was having a blast.   

I must say, unbiasedly, that every single DJ brought their best and their very own unique flavour. Things kept building up instead of winding down on this Sunday. It’s not often you have a closing   Delirant set. In fact, that never bloody happens!

I was unsure how it would play out and was worried that Delirant would somehow have to compromise his set somewhat to not hurt the uninitiated, instead he unleashed an unrelenting set full of power! Some of his latest tracks have already become summer anthems with the naughty vocals being sung by the crowd enthusiastically. 

The day was over but we were still treated to a sneaky closing back to back to end things off as Portal snuck up there with Deliriant going back to back for an extra hour after the music was supposed to turn off. Standard MyCityByNight vs Psymedia type antics. The 2 lads played some awesome closing tracks and it was visible to see how much fun they were having behind the decks – just as much as we did down there in the mud pit. 

And then, before I knew it, it was over.

Overall, as far as Sunday Fundays go; this one was right up there. Loads of great music, super vibey crowd, and all my mates – a perfect day in spite of the rain, which we are grateful for!

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