Summersault Festival has officially been cancelled and has been moved to 1 December.


This weekend Cape Town was preparing to see Jeremy Loops, Youngr and Kim Churchill as a teaser ahead of the official outdoor festival in December. Unfortunate news has just been sent our way and we have to spread the unfortunate news that the Summersault Teaser this Sunday is cancelled.

Here’s what Breakout Entertainment owner, Damon Forbes, had to say:

Hi all Summersault, Jeremy Loops and Youngr featuring Churchill ticket holders.

After a lot of behind the scenes efforts and negotiation, we regret to inform you that the event on 21 April has been cancelled, as there were logistical and Venue issues we could not overcome as a result of the move, We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Summersault Festival on 1 December will still be happening, as a picnic event and tickets will still be valid, All original Local acts will still be on that line up and we will have a very exciting international act for that show that will be announced in the next four weeks.

Tickets are 100% valid for the event on 1 December for current purchasers, however should you wish to have a refund please contact, please be patient as refunds will be a little slow due to Easter but your refunds will be processed in the week.

Once again we profusely apologise about the inconvenience with this postponement, we had really tried to keep the show going for fans of Youngr, Jeremy and Kim.

Damon Forbes , CEO Breakout

Please note, Summersault Festival will still take place on the 1st of December. If you have any queries or ticketing requests, please drop Howler a message on the support email address above.

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