Summer Of Psy Part 4: Headroom Destroys Sonica 2011 | Review

  Adam Metcalfe (Headroom) and his girlfriend Caterina Toffoli took on Europe for 3 months of Summer fun & festivals! They spanned the UK, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Greece & Montenegro for Adam’s European tour. Cat did all the exclusive write ups of each party & festival for MyCityByNight, as they went along. Their Euro tour ended at Sonica 2011:) Enjoy!

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Sonica Festival 2011, Montenegro

Our final stop took us to the strange and different land that is Montenegro… A teeny country on the Eastern European coastline, Montenegro is a place where the 90s never truly left. It’s a pretty random vibe, and not a soul speaks a word of English, so when you order at a restaurant with a Serbian menu, you never really know what you’re going to get!
The ideallic beaches and smashing sunsets definitely translate into any language though, and here we found ourselves at this perfect location for 5 days of mayhem & madness that was Sonica Festival 2011.

The crowd was a mesmerising mix of old long haired hippies, and young Italian trancers. We met up with long-standing psy trance djs & friends Avalon, Allaby and Tristan, a combination of which was bound to make for one crazy party! The weather was incredible, hot and sunny – a festive 32 degrees everyday – My bikini had nearly melded to my skin by the end of our stay… There was a lush beach only a short walk away from the party, so when the heat became too much, you could go and cool off in the pristine waters with a cocktail in hand while a DJ spun grooving tech tunes close by.

The festival is run by Italian organisers, which means there were delicious Italian food stalls and loads of party animals who speak my language! There were about 2000 people altogether, and with the combination of weather, crowd and music the vibe was electric! It was the closest we’ve come to a Cape Town trance party, and really got me excited for the upcoming outdoor season! The incredible stage & dancefloor decor was supplied by Artescape ( the magical team that brings us beautiful psychedelic stretch decor at our local trance parties – (You may recognise the decor as the same from NYE Rezonance 2010/11).

We took a day or two to explore our surroundings, but hit the dancefloor hard on Sunday and Monday. Adam played his set after Shane Gobi who got the crowd into a party frenzy! Needless to say I know Headroom’s live set almost off by heart at this stage in our trip, but once again he absolutely rocked it! We were even treated to a topless-Headroom performance, due to the intense heat 😉

As the day was ending, it was Avalon’s turn to lay it down – his music rising up against an coral pink sunset sky. When night fell, Tristan took the stage and spiralled things to a whole new dimension – something he continues to do time and time again!
We met some unbelievable people in our time at Sonica  – it always amazes me how festivals bring all walks of life together on the dancefloor, the collective feeling of euphoria as masses of swaying bodies become one. Thank you to all who made Sonica 2011 possible – looking forward to the next one!

And so we come to the end of our 3 month European Summer of Psy… What an incredibly mind bending adventure! We have met some fantastic characters along the way and had some truly wonderful experiences. As I write, Adam is getting ready to head off to Aurora Festival in Greece, which I couldn’t join him on unfortunately, due to flight complications. Really looking forward to coming home next week and am getting hyped up for the upcoming Cape Town Psy Season!

So with that, I’m out! Check you party monkeys on the dancefloor soon 🙂

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