Summer of Psy Part 3 – Headroom Hits Fusion & Blissfull (1-3 July 2011)

Adam Metcalfe (Headroom) and his girlfriend Caterina Toffoli take on Europe for 3 months of Summer fun & festivals! They’ll be spanning the UK, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Greece & Montenegro for Adam’s European tour. Cat will doing an exclusive write up of each party & festival for MyCityByNight, as they go along :) Enjoy!

Fusion & Blissfull Festivals

Part 3 of our journey took us to the amazing culturebomb that is Berlin! What a truly fantastic city! I had heard great things, but had no idea what to expect…

Adam had been booked to play at Fusion Festival, a massive four-day electronic and live music festival 3 hours out of Berlin. The venue is an old Russian military airfield, complete with huge airport hangars that are covered with grass so that they could not be spotted by enemy airplanes. The festival has been running annually for 15 years, and over that time the organisers have managed to acquire the land, which means they can effectively do whatever they want!

The whole party is completely unsponsored, as they are very anti-establishment, the motto is: “Four days of Holiday Communism”. The website clearly states “If you see a Nazi on the premises, inform us and we will remove him immediately!”
The festival holds about 60 000 people, and tickets sold out in nearly 8 hours! We couldn’t get over the efficiency of the Germans, the organisers had over 500 artists to deal with and yet we were fetched from our apartment in Berlin right on time. After collecting various other DJs along the way, we arrived at the venue 3 hours later.

The area was immense, with about 12 huge grass covered airplane hangars emerging from the earth, it felt like an overgrown version of a hobbit shire. We were craving a real German bratwurst with all the works, so we trawled the festival and the best we could find were tofu sausages – the whole festival is fully vegetarian so a falafel had to do… There is also no hard liquor sold at the bar, which minimises the amount of crazy drunks getting out of hand! I’m not really the biggest fan of beer, but I had no other choice but to say “Prost!” as the Germans do, and down the hatch it went!

The party was insane – with the main tech floor holding the biggest crowd of about 10 000 strong! We climbed up one of the hangars and looked over the pulsating sea of arms and faces. Madness!! The trance floor was also heaving, with a giant rocket in the middle of the dancefloor, that emitted jets of smoke over the crowd. The other dancefloors ranged from huge rock stages, balkan tents, and a swing garden run by naughty sailors & sea maidens.

The entertainment was endless, photobooths, a huge game area, and even a strongman hammer where various inebriated Germans were giving it their best shot.

We only there for one night – so we teamed up with Regan from Nano and hit the jol German style!
Adam was playing his set from 2h30-3h30 – and of course I managed to find the only two saffas in the crowd – after a couple of “Howzit Bru’s” and “Kief Chaanas” we had a little Cape Town bonding sesh to the thumping tunes of Headroom 🙂

We were leaving the next morning, which was actually just as well, as the rain and thunder had started (European Summer? Really??)
We packed our bags and headed to Portugal for Blissfull Festival – with promises of hot Mediterranean weather – we couldn’t wait!

The party was held just outside of Almeirim, a small town an hour away from Lisbon. The venue had a very African bush vibe to it, we could have easily been in the Kruger park! It was the closest I found to a Cape Town trance party, the weather and the people made me feel right at home. Due to our late arrival on Sunday, we seemed to have caught the tail end of the jol as the thousand strong crowd lacked the energy and excitement we’d felt at Fusion. That being said, there were some entertaining acid heads at the front of the stage providing a lot of laughs! Headroom lifted the vibe as he does best, and after a thundering set by Captain Hook to end the party, we set off back to our hotel. After stuffing ourselves with Portuguese steak – we ended up watching Portuguese-dubbed Californication in bed, the perfect way to end a weekend of madness!

Next up: Colour of Forest, Switzerland

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