Suit Up

In light of the Miller Rock the Boat Party, I was left staring into my closet, completely blank for creativity, whilst racking my brain to try and put together barely-there outfits.

I’ve never been on the boat, but I do know one thing, you could pack one bikini, a skirt, a pair of slops, your shades, and then you could survive onboard for the next four days!

Looking at my little ‘pouch’, I suddenly got this sickening feeling that maybe I should’ve skipped over some of the KFC burgers, pizza after a booze up at ridiculous hours and quite possibly the early morning McD’s Sausage & Egg McMuffins! VOMIT!

I’ve been cramming in a gym session here and there the last week, but have realized that maybe when I said I had ‘2 months’ before the boat, the Shakes and Provitas would’ve been a fantastic idea!

Feeling a little unsatisfied I started asking myself the following: “Would anyone, bar the snippy, bitchy Barbie look-alikes even notice my little flabby areas?”

So in true ‘Liesl’ style, I asked my guy mates – seeing that I’m apparently a Flaya and have so many – a few probing questions.

If there was a group of ‘chicks’ standing around at a club, and all of them were equally beautiful, all had the same size breasts and cute little booties (yes boys, I know it’s all about Tits and Ass), what would draw your eyes to gaze upon a single one?

I was surprised that, while putting all ladies on the same grading bar, there was one answer that stood out like a sore thumb!

‘The one that’s smiling and laughing with confidence!!!!’

I was blown away that something so small could be such a complete turn on.

That being comfortable from within, and having a self-love, could emanate beyond the shallow outer casing.

I’ve finding a new love in my male companions, discovering that even beyond the filthy sexual thoughts they have, somewhere inside is a squishy and soft marshmallow romantic that sees beauty skin deep – without the assistance of liquor!

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that your shining personality can only get you so far, but I was re-assured by one of them that I have a certain ‘sexiness oozing out’.

So I’ve packed my 3 swimsuits, my sunscreen, my beach ready curl spray and I’m ready to SUIT UP! Bring on that Social Whore inside. We’re going to mingle and jingle with the best of them!

Now let’s hope, that from some of the rumors I’ve heard, the suit does in fact stay on! I don’t think I’m quite ready to be on a home video of ‘Girls Gone Wild’!

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  1. Very interesting article, much like your previous one. I’d like to see one that focusses on the ever growing topics such as “to trim or not to trim” and “foreplay – an effort or a necessity”


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