Suid Tronica & Arkology invites Arutani – live in Cape Town

It is with no coincidence that the arrival of fresh fynbos coincides with the blossoming of Arkology and Suid Tronica in the freshest urban outdoor canvas that Cape Town has to offer – The Octopi & I. The venue has positioned itself to be the audio-visual hub of Cape Town, and in this venture of light and sound there seems to be no better pairing than Arkology and Suid Tronica.

The collectives are hosting Arutani, an international artist from Basel Switzerland who has explored and experimented with various sounds and genres and finally promising his heart to slow electronica. Arutani has captured imaginations around the world with his signature mystical and energetic synth sounds that underlie a driving, detail-oriented groove. His productions can be found on distinguished record labels such as Laut & Luise, Heimlich Musik, Akumandraa, Metanoia, Amselcom, Drosssel and Serafin Audio Imprint.

The aural atmosphere will be driven by Suid Tronica who through local and international creatives are growing the scene towards a new age of experimental music, exploring traditional roots with angular electronics and immersive organic ambiences.

Arkology is more than familiar with the likes of large cinematic-scale projection mapping, audio-reactive light shows and creating intricate relationships between analogue and digital, light and sound, and art and technology.

Two local Brewers Drifter Brewing Company and Cape of Storms will be taking care of your liquid needs with craft beers on tap and delicious cocktails.

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Cody Losper
Irshaad Samaai


Early birds – R 120 (Sold Out)
Phase 2 – R 150
Phase 3 – R 180


❖ 1 night of incredible music
❖ Delicious Food Venders
❖ Outdoors venue with fresh air under a stretchi tent
❖ Fully-stocked Bar
❖ Dancing All Night
❖ Visual projections
❖ Multiple indoor and outdoor spaces

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