Submerged presents Britta unders (Britta Arnold b2b unders) | Shimmy Beach Club



This event, Submerged have two special acts who’ll be joining us for the first time on the Submerged Stage, the duo of Britta Arnold and unders, making up Britta unders. They’ll also be playing an extended 3 hour back to back sunset set, we couldn’t think of anything more enjoyable.

Britta Unders is the quantum union of Britta Arnold, space-girl, love child and musical jetsetter with unders, world traveller, mad scientist and former Tin-Tin impersonator.

Two mirrors, two ambitions, two styles merged to create the perfect partnership, whether playing music to weekend ravers, swinging in the studio shaping emotions into sound, or casually planning their creative futures, these kindred spirits are inhaling and exhaling each moment like the full moon does the tides. It’s natural.

Britta Unders have played at some of the most reputable gatherings around the world, from the Bachstelzen stage at Fusion Festival, to Shoeless parties in Old Mokum, Woomoon in Ibiza as well as Burning Man & our very own AfrikaBurn they have travelled across the planet from New York through to South America, Africa and are regulars on their homeground of Europe.

Shimmy Beach Club encapsulates the world class style of the high party life and the laid-back atmosphere of Cape Town, making it a stellar venue rivaling the likes of Monaco and Ibiza’s beach club scenes.

VIP couchpocket bookings to // 021 200 7778


Richard Marshall
Killer Robot
Thank me Later
Jet Treger

General Access Phase 1: R100
Phase 1 VIP: R200


Doors open: 15:00
Night ends: 02:00

Parking Details:
The closest parking lot to Shimmy Beach Club is at The Clock Tower, V & A Waterfront, with Shimmy shuttles running frequently between there and the venue. It is however encouraged that partygoers make use of UBER’s private drivers


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