SUBGROUND is the underground sound of Cape Town’s nightlife leaders, putting together a new vane of events that represent the collective sound of Electronic music in the Mother City today.

Encapsulating Dirty Electro. Driving Progressive, Break Beat, Tech, Progressive and Psy Trance.

Beats from the Subground sound system from:

:: George Daniel
:: Nick E Louder
:: Damion (DTF)
:: Jason Psy Four 7
:: Adrian Gemini

This is a taste of what the real music of Cape Town’s underground sound is all about…

For more details about the night go to the Fez website :
Entrance in R60 on the door…However you can also register for an early bird special R30 Per Person on the Fez website.

Tune into Mutha FM and catch the chaps our their own shows and find out what beats are going down on the night:


* George Daniel ~ TEQUILA TUESDAY – Tuesday 6pm – 9pm

* Nick E Louder ~ GLOBAL SOUND SYSTEM – Wednesday 8pm -10pm

* INfEMY ~ DIGITAL ANTICS – Saturday 6pm – 8pm

* Damion (DTF) ~ PROGRESSIVE THERAPY – Friday 8pm-10pm

* Jason Psy Four 7 ~ THE PSYED SHOW -Monday 6pm – 8pm

* Adrian Gemini ~ THE HIIVE – Friday 1pm – 4pm

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