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In today's Style Diaries we feature the team at Bonafide Barbers

When it comes to matters of grooming and hair, it’s pretty difficult to find somewhere that gives you the sense that they take what they do seriously (being on trend and skilled enough to pull off these styles without turning your hair green) and would never mess up how you look. It’s especially hard when you’re living in the city of Jozi, where a bad haircut can literally be the reason you never get invited out to an event again – really not the type of risk you want to take. Upon getting integrated into life in Jozi, I was fortunate enough to come across a rather dapper gentleman, named Morgan who just happened to be the most talented hair stylist I’ve ever met.


Morgan, or the Sinister Barber as he’s referred to in underground circles of suave, now plies his trade at the magnificent Bonafide Barbers in Parkhurst. The studio, is an eclectic mix of old world charm, modern steampunk and general badassery, having being built adjacent to the Urban Grind Coffee Roastery in an all wood shell. It’s the type of place where they wouldn’t exactly frown on you cracking open a beer while you’re there for a trim – hell, every time I’ve been there, they’re the ones that are offering me one.


Bonafide Barbers, don’t only offer the latest and best in hair styling but also specialise in the art of grooming, stocking only the top of the range locally-sourced products in beard-care, offering hot towel shaves and grooming tips for your average bearded gentleman. Mooiness – there’s no need to feel left out, they don’t ONLY cater for dudes, Morgan and his highly talented (and smokin’) co-worker Bernadette also leave countless women wondering why they spent all of that time in other salon chains before letting these two artists take control of just how hot they look when stepping out.


A short back and sides, or a little straightforward bob are not options at Bonafide Barbers. Each customer gets assessed, with styling recommendations provided based on what the team thinks is going to get you laid on the daily and what is hot in the world of hair/grooming. It’s a real service, especially considering that a good haircut is pretty much as good a bit of botox to get rid of all those frown lines when you’re post 40.


One thing is for sure, it’s not your normal salon experience, but then again, in this day and age, who on Earth wants normal when it comes to how good you look. Whether you’re a stylish guy, hoping to look your best in a World of increasingly dapper blokes or a delectable hotty, wanting to keep all the boys coming to your yard for some of that milkshake, Bonafide Barbers is the only place you should go in Jozi. Don’t wait too long to make up your mind though – the wait list is as long as my arm.

Address: 66 6th St, Johannesburg, 2193

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