Stuntman Nearly Dies Doing A Flip In Front Of A Moving Train

A Stuntman Nearly Dies Doing A Flip In Front Of A Moving Train In This Clip


You know that programme – 1000 Ways To Die? Well trying to do a front flip in front of a moving train is definitely right up there with things that will get you killed with relative ease. The sad thing is, the guy in the film managed to escape without dying and he’s got a bucket load of views after the clip was posted onto Youtube, which means he’s more than likely going to do it again and not be as lucky the next time around.

In the video he manages to pull off a totally badass front flip, narrowly avoiding getting his head bashed in by the train and walks off like nothing even happened. But seriously, just have a look just how close he is to getting smashed? Please for the sake of our website visits, don’t try and do this in front of the Metrorail tomorrow morning – you’re more than likely not going to be anywhere near as lucky as this Russian dude was.

Check out the crazy video below:

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