Stuffed like an IYO Burger

Looking for a stuffed burger? IYO Burger on Bree Street does just that.

We have heard of the simple hamburger, the double up patties, and smash burgers, but one of our favourite still seems to be the stuffed burger; and IYO Burger on Bree Street does just that. With an endless menu of filled burger patties, jalapeno poppers, and pulled pork pancakes served with curly fries, sweet potato fries, and for the healthy clientele, a side salad or kale chips, everyone can leave with more than just a smile on their face. However, we did not come here to get lost in their extensive menu (and believe us, it was hard), we went straight for the inside-out burger.

Walking into a beautifully set up restaurant, with an open kitchen (we love those), the different flavours fill the air, and we are immediately hungry. The sound of fresh local grass-fed beef hitting the grill and fries frying to golden perfection immediately draws you in.

Our choice: the Umami BBQ Burger. Smoked cheddar cheese filled patty, topped with pickled cabbage, toasted sesame seeds & peanuts, hoisin BBQ sauce and miso mayo. We always look to try something different that sets a restaurant apart and draws the locals in. The combinations of these flavours were a winner before we even got to the burger!

Umami in itself is a definition of taste apart from the other four basic tastes of sourness, sweetness, bitterness and saltiness. The smoky hoisin BBQ sauce complimented the miso perfectly, whether it was the sweetness, saltiness, fruitiness, or earthiness of it, all we can say is that the miso mayo and hoisin BBQ sauce played hand in hand in the successful flavours of this burger, accompanied by the sharp pickled cabbage which cut through the sweetness, providing a whole other element to the flavours! There was a lot of ‘-ness’ to it, and we could not get enough.

While the smoked cheddar cheese that crept out of the patty brought it all together, completing the not-so-simple burger, the beautifully presented sweet potato fries, with a metal bucket and all, dipped into their homemade garlic mayo topped off the meal.

This burger stood right by IYO’s mission statement of thinking about food differently, through its fresh ingredients and local produce.

All of this for a cool R99!

The menu is host to more than a dozen burgers, each with unique pairings of ingredients to bring us the perfect bun. We give them a 4, and that is with only having tried a single menu item! We cannot wait to see what other flavours IYO has in store for us!

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