Student being interviewed about school shooting is stoned out of his mind

stoned student interviewed about school shooting

Aaah, we’ve all been there… just as you’ve blazed a fatty some random news crew comes up to you and asks you a whole bunch of questions, totally ruining your high – oh wait no, that’s just what happened to 17-year-old student Nate Magers.

Nate was asked to give his reaction to the arrest of a fellow student of Topeka West High School in Kansas accused of plotting to kill school resource officers after a student was arrested and charged with four counts of soliciting first-degree murder, after he tried to hire a gunman to kill two law enforcement officers and two administrators at his school. Unfortunately for TV crew who were hoping for an interview with a distraught student,  Nate had clearly “just” smoked a bong and supplied one of the calmest, uninformative interviews I’ve ever seen.

Whoa man… like who are these people asking me all these questions? Haha. Poor Nate.

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