Student Beat By His Teacher After Spewing Horrible Racist Slurs.


I’ve never been much of an advocate for teens – if you can begin to reason your behaviour and especially if want to cause adult confrontation you should be able to handle the repercussions and hopefully then learn from them.

Should this have escalated this far? No, definitely not, but it did and sometimes foul-mouthed racist wankers get what they deserve. Hopefully getting beat by a grown-ass man slapped some sense into this little wet, maybe next time he’ll think before he speaks. Maybe.

Caught on camera below is an unfortunate physical battle between man and boy. According to classmates and witnesses, the brawl broke out after the music teacher informed the student his clothes were not in line with the schools uniform code of conduct – the student retaliated with a spew of racial slurs so disgusting that the only videos available online still are those owned by media outlets who also had to mute out the vulgar language.

We sure hope the teacher decides to press charges too.


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